Rule 5 & Minor League FA

It can be tough to find information related to Rule 5 status or minor league free agency. To help with that, we will try to provide you with an updated list that will answer your questions. This page is sorted by the year a player first becomes Rule 5 eligible and I’m including this year and next year for the time being. The year the player would be eligible for minor league free agency is also included. Note: Not all players eligible in 2017 will be eligible for the first time. I’m not including those individuals that are minor league free agents after this season.

None of this information is official. We try to do our best to make it as accurate as possible, but errors are inevitable. If you see them, please let us know.

Last updated: December 10, 2017

Available for the 2017 Rule 5 Draft
PlayerLevelMinor League FA
Caicedo, OrielA+2018
Castro, CarlosA+2018
Curcio, KeithAA2020
Demeritte, TravisAA2019
Didder, Ray-PatrickA+2019
Dirks, CalebAAA2020
Franklin, KevinA+2019
Gaylor, StephenA+2020
Giardina, SalA+2020
Heredia, JesusRk2019
Joe, ConnorAA2021
Kinman, KyleAA2021
Lien, ConnorAA2018
Mader, MichaelAA2020
Martinez, CarlosA2019
Matos, BladimirA2020
Mejia, DilmerRk2020
Murphy, TannerA+2020
Obregon, OmarAA2018
Odom, JosephAA2019
Parsons, WesAA2019
Peterson, DavidAAA2018
Peterson, DustinAAA2019
Pike, TylerAA2018
Roney, BradleyAA2020
Sobotka, ChadA+2021
Valenzuela, LuisAAA2018
Webb, JacobAA2021
Available for the 2018 Rule 5 Draft
PlayerLevelMinor League FA
Baez, LeudysA2021
Concepcion, AnthonyA2021
Custred, MattA2021
Davidson, BraxtonA+2020
Ellison, JustinA+2021
Geekie, DaltonA2022
Graham, JoshA+2021
Hoekstra, KurtA2021
Jackson, AlexAA2020
Johnson-Mullins, ChaseA+2021
Josephina, KevinA2020
Lawlor, RyanA2021
Lewis, TaylorA2021
McLaughlin, SeanA+2021
Moore, DylanAA2021
Mora, LuisA2020
Morales, JonathanAA2021
Pfeifer, PhilAAA2021
Phillips, EvanAAA2021
Rodriguez, KelvinRk2021
Scivicque, KadeAAA2021
Seymour, AnferneeA+2020
Taveras, RamonRk2020
Toussaint, ToukiAA2020
Weigel, PatrickAAA2021
Withrow, MattAA2021