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Andrelton Simmons’s Growth (i.e. My First Real Post)

I was a big proponent of letting Tyler Pastornicky work through any troubles he may have and just sticking with him.  After all, I reasoned his defense can’t be that bad.  Well, I was wrong.  His defense was atrocious and that, probably more than even his hitting, got him demoted toward the end of May.  Pastornicky carried a -1.1 fWAR into his demotion and again, the hitting certainly hurt, but his defense dragged it that…

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Hi. I’m new. Hug me?

Welcome to…the new blog. I have done blogs before and really, the one time I did a good job of it was when I did Corkscrew Swings for over a year, though I fully admit that there were down times during that blogging experience. How can I stay on target and not fall into the wasteland of high hopes, low execution blogs that litter the blogosphere? I dunno. No, really, I just want to provide…