WalkOffWalk.net was originally started at blogspot in 2012 as a way for its founder, me, to get some of the opinions I had about the Atlanta Braves out in the open. Over the years, it has morphed into a bigger operation at times and for a year, set up shop at thesportsdaily.com. Since mid-August of 2019, I’ve moved the blog back here as I feel it’s a better fit for my content. What can you expect? Random posts about former Braves, current analysis on a minor league player, historical pieces about the Boston Braves, and articles focusing on future concerns for the current squad. I write a little of everything. My opinions are just that – opinions. If you disagree with them, that’s fine. It’s healthy to have a disagreement. But fighting and personal squabbles aren’t good for anyone, especially me. Let’s keep them to a minimal. Thank you for reading and I hope you stay for more content down the road.

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In addition, many of the pictures you may see here at Walk-Off Walk were taken by Jeff Morris. I can no longer find him on Twitter. While I am not actively looking to bring more writers to WOW currently, if you believe it’s a good place for you, let me know. Twitter is the easiest method.