WalkOffWalk.net was originally started at blogspot in 2012 as a way for its founder, Tommy Poe, to get some of the opinions he had about the Atlanta Braves out in the open. Since then, it has morphed into a team of four members who attempt to provide content that can be hard to find elsewhere. With your continued support, you can expect fairly regular prospect rundowns, trade and player analysis, historical pieces, and our old-fashioned written “podcast” named Walk-Off-Talk. Remember to follow us on social media and bookmark our blog.

Tommy Poe

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In addition, many of the pictures you may see here at Walk-Off Walk were taken by Jeff Morris. He’s a must-follow on Twitter @JeffMorrisAB. We’re always on the lookout for guest writers who could later join our team. Feel free to connect with one of our writers on social media should you have interest.