Welcome Back

Welcome Back

The grass isn’t always greener after all.

About a year ago, I made the decision – with counsel from the former Walk-Off Walk crew – to move from our simple little blog here to a bigger set-up at The Sports Daily. It was a decision that worried me as I liked the freedom to just post fun stuff here and not worry so much about views and so on. At the same time, it was a decision that I looked forward to. The Sports Daily had more opportunities, access to the USA Today pictures database, and the ability to be seen by more people. I had refused to join many other bigger blogs before but felt this was the best mix of what we did here at WOW and the opportunities presented by being part of a bigger network.

But it didn’t work out. My fellow writers left to pursue other opportunities and I simply lost the interest in posting in an overly corporate layout. I am very thankful to The Sports Daily for the opportunity to be viewed by more readers, but the end result just never meshed with what made this blog work in my opinion. Walk-Off Walk was never meant to be a Talking Chop or Tomahawk Take. Those blogs are great at what they do, but it’s just not my forte. I want to write about random things from history mixed in with a bunch of current analysis. I want to write about the best players in franchise history whose last name begins with a W, not overly focus on what every win or loss means. That kind of grind contributed to me just being burnt out and not being enthusiastic about my work.

The catalyst ultimately became comparing my work at The Sports Daily and here. Just to be clear, I am proud of most of the articles I wrote at The Sports Daily. But my enjoyment was far more evident in what I wrote here. I simply just had a better time. I like having control of the layout and being able to navigate to old articles. It’s just the nerd I am.

So, I’m coming home to Walk-Off Walk – the simple WordPress blog that made me happy to write for. I won’t have professional pictures from last night’s game or anything like that. But I will have content I enjoy writing more. As for the content I wrote at The Sports Daily, it remains up. As I said, I still wrote some good stuff there. I may repost a few articles (top prospects and so on) just to have one page with all that information, but generally, I am ready to start the next chapter.

As for a posting schedule, I can’t really say how often I’ll write. While it’s easier to pop out an article here for me, I also work and am returning to school plus have a family. This has always been a hobby, not a job. It’ll never come first. But I believe I can write 3-5 articles a week here. Some will be new analysis. Some will look at the minors. And some will drop back into history. But whatever the case, Walk-Off Walk is back to its basics. I hope you enjoy!

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