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Just a reminder

Hey guys. As I mentioned before, we are migrating the blog. I’ve kind of given up trying to dual-post between both blogs just to streamline things. Soon, I will automatically divert traffic to the new blog, but until I do, please visit for all of your WOW content. Thanks!

Braves Try to Follow the Yankees Blueprint from Last Fall

(This was cross-posted at The Sports Daily. Click here for our direct Walk-Off Walk page. Soon, when you head to, you will automatically be moved over to that page. Also, check out some of the content we have posted over there.) The idea that a team can come from the brink of elimination after dropping the first two games in a best-of-five series seems daunting, but it has happened more than you might think.…

Walk-Off Walk Awards

The end of the 2018 Atlanta Braves season is upon us. There’s still much to figure out as far as who the Braves will face in the NLDS, but a season that almost no one predicted will come to a close with the Atlanta Braves as NL East Champions. Recently, I went over the path to that surprising run. Today, I asked the other members of the Walk-Off Walk family to help me with this…