2018 Exit Interviews – Michael Reed

2018 Exit Interviews – Michael Reed


(Our exit interview series looks at how players performed in 2018 along with a preview of their future.)

Michael Reed

MLB: 7 PAs, 2 H, 0 BB, 3 K, .286/.286/.286 (.517 OPS)

MiLB: 404 PAs, 114 H, 26 Doubles, 11 HRs, 62 BBs, 10 SBs (3 CS), .342/.453/.520 (.972 OPS)

2018:  Reed spent his entire career in the Brewers organization before 2018 when he was signed by the Braves as a Minor League Free agent. Whatever the reason, Reed came to the Braves with something to prove and prove it he did. Between AA & AAA, Reed made sure his performance could not be ignored even with a BABIP that was so inflated I’m surprised it didn’t float away. It was July 2nd when Reed got his first call-up, but it only lasted 1 day. Later we found out that Reed had an opt-out date, making  it mandatory for the Braves to place him on the 40-man on or prior to 7/2. The Braves manipulated the system a bit, but kept their man. It wasn’t until 8/21 that Reed got called up again and stayed up until rosters expanded. On 9/1, he must have really swung the bat hard as he was placed on the 60-day DL with a low back strain. When season ends, he’ll either be placed back on the 40-man, or released.

Contract Details: Age-26 when 2019 opens. Team-controlled through at least 2024. Won’t be arbitration-eligible until 2022. His last option was used in 2018.

Previewing 2019: I feel like it would be in Reed’s best interest for the Braves to let him walk so he can find a rebuilding team that could give him an opportunity to play on a regular basis. Someone like the Marlins or the Orioles come to mind. However, if the Braves do keep him, he’s out of options so he’d have to stay on the 25-man roster or be exposed to waivers. Adding those things up, I highly doubt Reed is with the Braves in 2019.

Did you know? Between AA, AAA, and MLB, Michael Reed carried a BABIP of .458 in 411 plate appearances.  While that might not mean much to you at this juncture, let me drop a graphic courtesy of Baseball Reference on you:


Last 10 MLB Seasons with over 400 PA and at least a .400 BABIP
1Drew Stubbs2014.404COL2241543.289.339.482
2Danny Santana2014.405MIN277740.319.353.472
3Joey Votto2012.404CIN4401456.337.474.567
4Jose Hernandez2002.404MIL2422473.288.356.478
5Manny Ramirez2000.403CLE34238122.351.457.697
6Reggie Jefferson1996.408BOS3041974.347.388.593
7Mariano Duncan1996.400NYY343856.340.352.500
8Rod Carew1977.408MIN381614100.388.449.570
9Roberto Clemente1967.403PIT261023110.357.400.554
10Luke Appling1936.400CHW3176128.388.474.508
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/18/2018.
I’m not sure the general public can fully understand what Michael Reed just accomplished over a season. In the last 82 years of Major League Baseball, there have been 10 seasons where a player eclipsed a .400 BABIP in 400 or more plate appearances. However, note this highest BABIP is .408…Reed’s was .458.  No, I’m not suggesting that Reed’s MiLB numbers are equivalent to the 10 player’s above seasons in MLB, rather the point being made is how remarkably rare the feat of ANYONE in baseball carrying a BABIP over .400, much less one that’s .458. While I don’t know how to create this comparison for all of the Minor Leagues, I think it’s pretty safe to say that what Reed did this year has only been done in MiLB history a handful of times, if at all. While a rare inflated BABIP is a measurement tool that is used to show outlying seasons of success (here’s looking at you Danny Santana!), barreling the ball is a learned skill and watching Reed this year on MiLBTV showed me that he’s figured something out and I hope he’s in MLB to stay come next year.
Last note, I interviewed Reed earlier this year. Give this a read...you’ll like Reed even more.


When I saw the lineup tonight, I was like ‘AGAIN with Inciarte in the lineup with A TOUGH LEFTY on the mound’?

I was going to basically BITCH about this on here prior to the game..but I was like ‘ok, prior to this weekend, Inciarte did have a 12-25 stretch against lefties’. However, he has cooled off against lefties lately (back to his NORMAL SUCKING against lefties self)!

2nd at-bat for Inciarte…bases loaded with 2 outs in the bottom of the 3rd inning (after The Braves took a 1-0 lead when Acuna led off the inning with a solo homer)…and Inciarte lines to the center fielder.

3rd at-bat…runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs in the bottom of the 5th inning (Cardinals up 2-1)….and Inciarte pops out to the left fielder.

Look, I get it…Adam Duval has STRUGGLED since coming to The Braves. However, I would rather see Duval get at-bats against lefty starting pitchers (and have Inciarte come in the game later once a righty reliever is brought in)..than Inciarte. Duval is at least A THREAT to get a hold of one against lefties!

We’ve been falling behind teams lately! Having a NOODLE BAT (especially when you have Annibal ‘0 for 38 to start the season as a hitter’ Sanchez pitching for you hitting in the #9 hole) like Inciarte against a lefty starting pitcher..basically gives The Braves only 7 hitters capable of getting a hit in our Starting Lineup tonight (until a reliever is brought in).

Hopefully Gomber gets pulled (he’s at 98 pitches through 5 innings). I’d rather see The Braves get 4 innings worth of at-bats against The Cardinals Bullpen. Hopefully, The Braves bats will WAKE UP soon….making Snitker being their manager A MOOT POINT (meaning that him mismanaging ANOTHER GAME AWAY wont happen tonight)!

Assuming that this 6-1 Cardinals lead holds up tonight…if The Braves lose tomorrow afternoon against The Cardinals (Touki is pitching against Cardinals Rookie Sensation Jack Flaherty tomorrow)…The Braves will be 39-39 at home going into the final 4 home games of the season against The Phillies starting Thursday night.

If we dont win at least 3 of those 4 games against The Phillies…we will not finish The 2018 Season with a winning home record! How is that acceptable?

With Philly winning tonight, Magic # is still 7…and The Phillies will only be 5 1/2 games out (5 out in the loss column). If we lose tomorrow and they win tomorrow..our losing streak will be 5 games going into The Phillies Series (the lead down to 4 1/2 games)! They will be HELLA MOTIVATED to try their best to sweep us!

However, let’s give Snitker ‘The Manager of The Year Award’! He’s such a ‘great’ motivator! He really knows how to get these guys playing well…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to be honest, I HOPE we BLOW THIS LEAD and that Philly RUNS US DOWN! Why? Because I want AA to do his freaking job..and FIRE SNITKER once the season ends! We need A REAL MANAGER who will LIGHT A FIRE under these guys! We’re playing LIKE CRAP…Snitker is making STUPID DECISIONS….all at a critical time of the season!

I’ve been watching virtually EVERY GAME this season by The Braves! I DO NOT see anything that Snitker does…that ‘brings value’ to The Braves! SCREW Clubhouse Chemistry…IF it doesnt result in ‘extra wins’ (which if you look at the stats…our record DOES NOT reflect what it SHOULD be)! I blame that SQUARELY on Snitker!

They jettisoned Pendelton and Perez–they replaced them with major up grades of weiss and washington and eric young sr. I think they will do a major upgrade with the skip. Just seems right.

Andy…sadly, the only way I see AA ‘replacing’ Snitker..would be if The Braves dont make The Playoffs.

Snitker learned from ‘the best’ (Bobby Cox)…when it came to the old “Southern Ways of Old White Men NETWORKING/BACKSLAPPING/SHOOTING THE SHIT/TELLING EACH OTHER WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR/BEING ABLE TO TELL A GOOD STORY/etc”……but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WAY to keep one’s job DESPITE underperforming/not quite living up to expectations!

I have YET to hear Chip Carey OR Joe Simpson (along with the other Kool-Aid Drinkers like Paul Byrd, Jeff Franceour and Tom Glavine) criticize Brian Snitker ONE TIME on the telecast! I’ve been watching The Braves ALL YEAR LONG! NOT ONE TIME! NOT ONE CRITICAL analysis!

What….Snitker is The Perfect Manager? The Braves announcers are quick to criticize a player for not running out a ground ball…..or for missing the cutoff man. Yet when Snitker KEEPS trotting out Luke Jackson to face left handed hitters in HIGH LEVERAGE SITUATIONS (as well as Sam Freeman)….OR his refusal (other than tonight in the 8th inning) to PROPERLY take advantage of the expanded rosters when it came to his bullpen usage…..is it too much to ask The Braves Broadcasters to at least offer A LITTLE CRITICISM..when warranted?

Then again, The Braves announcers of The mid-90’s STAYED SILENT after Bobby Cox plead guilty to BEATING HIS WIFE worse than Ike beat Tina!

I forgot to say Ryan what a great read. I hope the braves find a way to keep reed–but you are probably right. He would be better off on a rebuilding team.

Paul I believe Chip has refereed to his job as a wedding photographer. He is here to document the wedding not give counseling advise–Joe with his ‘color’ is more about yelling at the clouds than ‘real time insight’–IMHO—both of these guy have been paid for years and I have not received a red cent so i’ll leave it at that.

Thank again Ryan

Andy….I felt that instead of trading for Adam Duval….AA should have given Michael Reed an opportunity to be The Braves 4th outfielder. He only got like 5-6 pinch hitting opportunities (over 2 call-ups). Reed put up some great numbers in AA and AAA this year. Dude can play all three outfield positions…and has some pop in his bat AND can run fast.

While Sims and Wisler had no future with The Braves….that trade turned out to be a waste (assuming that Reed gets a chance with The Braves in 2019, Duval will either be traded after The 2018 Season ends..OR…be non-tendered because paying Duval $3-$4 mil in 2019 via arbitration, when they can pay Michael Reed the minimum, is pretty much a no-brainer).

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