Boring Atlanta Braves Wins

Boring Atlanta Braves Wins

Over their last 10 games, the Atlanta Braves have went 6-4…

..but dear sweet lord, it was downright brutal at times! Need a reminder? It was anything but easy or pretty but winning 6 of 10 is essentially what this team has been doing all season long. Quick recap of the madness:


  • September 1st, costly error from Charlie Culberson allows 2 unearned runs to score in 6th, Braves score 4 in 8th to preserve win.
  • September 2nd, tied 1-1 until the 8th, Braves break out again and score 4 to seal victory.
  • September 3rd, Red Sox manhandle Braves 8-2, Sam Freeman allows 2 inherited runners to score and both Jesse Biddle and Bryse Wilson got lit up.
  • September 4th, Braves were leading Red Sox 1-0 until a breakout 5th of which Sean Newcomb was pulled after loading the bases in a 1-1 tied. Shane Carle
    Shane Carle | Eddie Michaels,

    couldn’t strand the runners allowing 2 to score. Luke Jackson was brought in for the 6th and nearly immediately put the nail in the coffin allowing 2 more runs.

  • September 5th, Braves were cruising 7-1, Mike Foltynewicz was removed after 6 due to elbow stuff. Biddle preserved the lead in the 7th then all hell broke loose as Boston pounded Dan Winkler for 4 runs on 4 hits. Wink was pulled without retiring a batter (the classic infinity ERA). Jonny Venters was brought in…didn’t work. Brad Brach was brought in….didn’t work.  Minter was brought in…didn’t work.  Freddie Freeman who actually got a day of rest was brought in to PH in the 8th and miraculously hit a go-ahead HR before A.J. Minter coughed it up in the 9th. Old Brave turned new villain Brandon Phillips hit a monstrous 2-run dinger to break our hearts.

Take a Break….breathe…we’re going to get to less stress soon.  A BORING ATLANTA BRAVES WIN IS COMING.

Proceed to madness…

  • September 6th, Braves outlasted the D’Backs in a game that saw Braves relief core give up 9 hits and 1 walk in 5 innings and lost the lead in the 8th and 9th innings and was bailed out in the 10th on a wild pitch that scored Dansby Swanson.
  • September 7th, Kevin Gausman wasn’t sharp and Braves offense couldn’t piece together hits despite having 9 of them. Also, Paul Goldschmidt was really good.
  • September 8th, Braves lost the lead twice, committed 2 errors, but the Diamondbacks out-sloppied them. Relief core still struggled, especially with the free pass.
  • September 9th, Touki Toussaint looked good but struggled with the walks. Was pulled after 5.2 innings and…you guessed it, high-leverage Luke Jackson comesin to immediately give up the lead, pitching 0.0 innings of infinity ERA baseball.  Luckily, he was bailed out in the 9th as the Braves destroyed some baseballs starting with Ender Inciarte, who has blocked nearly every Braves Twitterer on the planet. Johan Camargo and Lucas Duda also got in on the fun. Still…the relief pitching struggled once again.


But now we get to the goods…a BORING ATLANTA BRAVES WIN! 

Last night’s game was a Joe Simpson special. It was quite boring and the Braves ever so needed it.  It’s well known that the Braves have struggled on the West Coast,but in San Francisco has been it’s own beast. However, that struggle along with the struggle of scoring runs in an old-fashioned baseball sense came to an end last night. Sean Newcomb added some velo last night and looked brilliant, but most importantly, allowed 0 walks. Then Carle, Venters, and Minter also decided that’d be a good idea to give up no runs and finished 3 strong innings of bullpen work with 0 walks. The Giants only had 3 baserunners all night!

But the old-fashioned boring baseball doesn’t end there!  The Braves manufactured 2 runs with a bunt and a sacrifice fly compliments of Dansby Swanson. Joe Simpson was found in the parking lot after the game smelling Dansby’s hair (among other things) and Dansby was re-thinking his night’s strategies.

All in all, it was a victory the Braves needed. It was clean. It was old school, and it was completely out of the realm of how the Braves have been winning in the 2nd half. Needless to say, it felt like an off day for the mind for the fans, and I’m sure, for the team.

I’m not a fan of Joe Simpson and I like a fun back and forth game as much as anyone, but sometimes it’s fun to grab a nice, quiet victory and to set things up for a September run of wins without all the antics.

Go Braves!


That last Red Sox loss seemed to help wake em up. I’m so excited about the possibly of heating up albies. Seems to me the Braves are hetting hot at the right time.yeah for more quiet wins.

Brittni….’exciting’ wins, tend to KILL your bullpen! Pitching your best bullpen pieces 2-3 days in a row…takes it toll over time. When faced with an ‘exciting’ game 4-5 games in a row…a manager is faced with the prospect of potentially ‘giving away games’ by going with the likes of Luke Jackson, Sam Freeman and Kolby Allard (at this point in his career, he’s simply not ready for MLB/playoff caliber action) in high leverage situations (especially facing opposite handed hitters who they historically have bad numbers against).

If Freddie and Nick were to start hitting with some power (I’ve posted in other threads their LACK of power since May 13th)…we’d have more ‘boring’ games (which a playoff caliber/1st place team DESPERATELY needs). In addition, we need our starting pitchers to QUIT wasting pitches and go deeper in games! For instance, as good as Newcomb pitched last night….it took him 93 pitches to get through 6 innings…DESPITE not giving up ONE WALK, lol! He’d get ahead 0-2, 1-2…then NIBBLE! 3-2 pitch counts…ADD UP! This Giants lineup…is NOT GOOD! With a better pitch count, Newcomb could have easily pitched 8-9 innings last night (his stuff was THAT GOOD)!

Tonight…would be A GREAT NIGHT to give the bullpen a rest! Gausmann has been throwing strikes since he became a Brave…..and this is the kind of lineup that he can throw strikes to (not very many home run hitters, in a pitcher’s park, lol…great recipe for Gausmann to pitch a complete game tonight). Also, Suarez for The Giants….is hittable. Instead of waiting late….it would be NICE if our offense can FOR ONCE jump on the opposing starting pitcher early!

By pitching a complete game, Gausmann would be TAKING AWAY any opportunities for Snitker to MISMANAGE The Bullpen, lol!

Ryan…The Braves are playing in A HELLA WEAK division. While Philly has better ‘top 2 starting pitchers’ in their Starting Rotation than The Braves (as of now), The Braves have the strong Rotation overall. Also, their bullpen is HELLA weak (sure, they are overworked, primarily because their #3-#4-#5 starters all seem to need 100 pitches to get through 5 innings…like in Game 1 of the DH against Washington, Piveta threw 4 scoreless innings, however needed almost 90 pitches to get through 4…then game out in the top of the 5th and gave up a 1 out homer to a hitter, Kieboom, who just hit his 1st career homer against him..then gives up the 1st career hit to the opposing starting pitcher on the next pitch…before getting pulled after throwing close to 100 pitches with 1 out in the top of the 5th inning). In addition, The Phillies lineup has some SERIOUS holes in it. Lots of low batting averages.

However, Washington is simply A CONFUSING team to ponder! The 1st 6 in their lineup:

1. Adam Eaton…RF
2. Trea Turner…SS (he KILLS The Braves)
3. Bryce Harper…CF
4. Anthony Rendon…3rd
5. Juan Soto…LF
6. Ryan Simmerman..1st

Even if these bottom 3 hitters (including the 9th place hitting pitcher) all SUCK….there is NO REASON why the top 6 hitters in their lineup…cant CONSISTENTLY put up crooked numbers on the scoreboard every few innings!

Say what you want about Gabe Kapler…dude is managing this game like it is Game 7 of The World Series. He is taking advantage of the expanded rosters in the top of the 5th inning! After Pivetta gave up the single to the pitcher with 1 out….Kapler brought in the lefty, Availan, to pitch to lefty hitting Adam Eaton (who struck out). Then Kapler brought in the righty Garcia to pitch to right hitting Trea Turner (who he ended up walking on 5 pitches). Then Kapler brings in lefty Adam Eaton to pitch to lefty hitting Bryce Harper (two outs, runners on 1st and 2nd)…..who ended up getting a single on an 0-2 pitch, resulting in a run scoring (however Harper gets thrown out after getting caught running too far off 1st base, lol).

Score 2-0 Nationals going into the bottom of the 5th inning.

Sure, The Nationals ended up scoring 1 run that inning…HOWEVER Kapler did the ABSOLUTE right thing! He played the lefty-lefty, righty-righty matchups BEAUTIFULLY! He managed in such a way that put his relievers in the BEST POSSIBLE POSITION for them to succeed (lefties generally get out lefties, righties generally get out righties). However, it’s up to the relievers to execute properly (hanging an 0-2 curve in Harper’s wheelhouse…not good, lol).

If that was Brian Snitker managing….you better believe that he would have left either Availin to potentially 4 hitters in a row..OR…he would have left right pitching Garcia in to pitch to lefty hitting Bryce Harper after he got Trea Turner out. Just 2 nights ago, Snitker left Luke Jackson to pitch to FOUR HITTERS IN A ROW when he pulled Touki Tousiant (who had a 2-0 lead with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs in the bottom of the 6th inning).

Instead of going to this bullpen (dude, there are around 20 MOFOs in that bullpen right now, lol) after Luke “I love letting inherited runners scoring’ Jackson gave up the game type single to the righty hitting Ahmed….Snitker left Jackson in to face 3 more hitters (two of them lefties….NONE of whom he got out)….giving Sobotka a 4-2 deficit to hold Arizona to by getting the last out of the 6th inning.

The Braves EXPLODING in the top of the 9th inning 2 nights ago….basically BAILED OUT Snitker. We won that game DESPITE Snitker.

For all THE SH1T that Gabe Kapler gets..I would RATHER have him as our manager..than Freaking Snitker! I’ve watched a lot of Phillies games on The MLB Package (they are our closest division rival right now). It’s not his fault that they are losing. I LOVE how he managed that top of the 5th inning just now! He knows that he CANNOT let this game get away from him. Even if The Phillies lose this game (I hope they do lose) I have A LOT of respect for how he’s managing right now!

Given that there are NO dominant teams in The NL right now, if Freddie (and even Markakis) start hitting with some power (especially come Playoff time), the two of them (along with Acuna and Camargo, the two have them have been CARRYING The Braves offensively since late June, must look at the stats and compare the twosome of Acuna and Camargo VS. Freeman and Markakis. UNREAL how FAR APART they are, lol) could carry The Braves to The World Series (however, I dont see any realistic scenario where The Braves can beat ANY AL team….OTHER than Oakland in The World Series). The Braves somehow going to The World Series..would pretty much GUARANTEE that Snitker is the manager of The Braves come 2019.

With that said, I feel that Snitker is RIPE to being outmanaged by MUCH BETTER managers in the post season. He’s going do something STUPID (like leave Sam Freeman to face 4 right handed hitters in a row, lol…in a crucial situation, resulting in an outcome similar to what happened in the bottom of the 6th inning on Sunday). Knowing that, I just dont see how The Braves can even overcome Snitker in a 5 game series in The Division Series (we’re on pace to face the winner of The NL West…both Colorado and The Dodgers have managers who are WAY BETTER than Snitker)..while The Cubs will face The Wild Card Winner (likely being either St. Louis or Milwaukee). Ironically, I feel that The Braves, in theory, will have a better chance to beat the likely NL West winner…than The Wild Card Game winner….IF it wasnt for the fact that Brian Snitker is our manager, lol! If we do lose in The Division Series…then perhaps Snitker’s BLUNDERS will be OBVIOUS for The National Media to see/scrutnize (because The Atlanta Local Media types, as well as The Braves local TV and Radio announcers….have HISTORICALLY rationalized/played ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe’ when it came to Braves Managers…ESPECIALLY when it came to Bobby Cox…who made ONE Playoff BLUNDER after another during those 15 Division winning seasons).

By the way, since May 13th, in 152 LESS at-bats combined…..Acuna and Carmago have hit a COMBINED 38 homers (22 for Acuna, 16 for Camargo)…while Freeman and Markakis have hit a combined 20 homers (13 for Freddie, 7 for Markakis)….. (remember, Acuna missed a month of action from late May-late June). In 152 at-bats since August 1st…Markakis has only hit 2 homers! 2 Freaking homers from our CLEAN-UP HITTER since August 1st?

Why not have Markakis hit leadoff (with his .371 OBP and .307 batting average)…and put Acuna in the cleanup spot (providing a right handed power hitter to hit behind Freddie and in front of Camargo)? I’d move Dansby up to the #2 hole behind Markakis.

I get it…long term (especially after AA is done ‘doing his thing’ during The 2018 Free Agent Offseason/during The December Winter Meetings’) Acuna is PERFECT hitting leadoff for The Braves. However, right now…we NEED middle of the order power…..ESPECIALLY come Playoff time! Hopefully by then, at least Freddie will have found his power stroke!

Folty tonight I think. Also, Gabe might be right in that moment–and yes he is at a ‘must win’ in almost every game–but his team is not running thru walls for him. They seem to me to have quit. There doing their job and thats it–like the Nats. There may not be a more frustrating and strange manager as far as match ups go–being Snit–but the players play for him–that does make a difference. He gives his players chances….like letting Venters pitch against righties etc….I am not a Snit apologist. But it seems clear—the Braves are giving there all. If the Braves have a new manager–he will need to inspire them well. The Nats and Phillies made very math type choices with their managers–gabe being the biggest one. A pitching coach is always a risk–some are great like bud black, alot–No. Knowing how to get the most out of your employees for 7+ months….is important. Maybe there’s a spreadsheet for that–Cox did more with less than anyone. When it hit the post season he stayed true to his players–which really sucked. If we had a closer (a marino rivera type) the braves would have won 5 championships–then cox would always be known as a genius. Snit doesn’t have a contract after this year–he may be promoted to the front office.
Phillies are down 3 in bottom of 4th—if the braves can win tonight and the Phillies lose this double header–its pretty much over.
Then its lets take the cubs for best record.
Good times.

Andy…damn, I totally spaced on who tonight’s starting pitcher was (for some ODD REASON, I was fixated on Gausmann starting, lol). My bad.

Hopefully, Folty will go after this offensively challenged Giants team…and show that he’s capable of throwing more than 1 complete game in a season!

Ryan….Washington just beat Philly in the 1st game of their DH today 3-1..extending The Braves lead to 5 1/2 games (5 up in the loss column, with 18 games left for The Braves, 19 games left for Philly).

Washington is up 3-0 in the top of the 5th inning in Game 2 of The DH. If that score holds up (I know, wishful thinking, however The Phillies offense has been STRUGGLING BIG TIME lately), then The Braves will have an opportunity to get this lead up to 6 1/2 games tonight (and possibly 7 1/2 tomorrow IF Philly loses tomorrow as well)…IF The Braves take care of business the next 2 days against an offensively challenged Giants team!

Dude, The Braves HAVE to put the hammer down and take care of business! The NL East Division Title is there for us to take!

If we win the next 2 days against The Giants….enjoy the day off on Thursday (while Washington has to play a 1 game make up game against Chicago on Thursday)….The Braves will be positioned to clinch The Division next week IF we can take care of business against Washington AT HOME this weekend!

Imagine…..for all the talk about how ‘critical’ the 7 games against Philly in the last 10 games of the season would be…..that instead, The Braves can rest players/set up our rotation for The Playoffs….as well as give starting nods to the likes of Bryce Wilson, Max Fried…even Kolby Allard and Kyle Wright (assuming that they dont plan on adding Wright to the 25 man post-season roster).

If Philly keeps losing (with The Marlins and Mets coming up at home for them after Washington leaves town after tomorrow’s would think that The Phillies would win some of those games before heading to Atlanta for a 4 game series that starts on Thursday of next week)….The Braves ‘may’ be real close to clinching (when Philly opens that 4 game series in Atlanta, they will have 11 games left, The Braves 10 left….7 of those games are against each other). So, ‘in theory’, we’d have to have a 10 1/2 game lead going into that series…to ‘at worst’ finish the season tied for 1st with them (they would have to win all 11 of their remaining games..while we lost all 10 of them. In theory, if they were to win all 7 games against us, they would need to sweep Colorado all 4 games in Colorado going into the last week of the season..while The Braves ALSO got swept by The Mets going into that last week…HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but possible).

However, it would be HELLA NICE to actually CLINCH The NL East….next weekend during that 4 game home stand against The Phillies! They could watch us celebration in front of our fans!

While it was frustrating watching Snitker mismanage the bullpen a number of times this season….there’s a GOOD chance that it wont come back to hurt The Braves (until it’s time to play post-season ball).

Your thoughts?

Ryan…after watching the bottom of the 5th inning of the 2nd game of The DH between Washington and Philly, I KNOW WHY Washington has SUCKED in 2018:

It looks like The Braves ARE NOT the only team in MLB with A TERRIBLE manager! I just watched Nationals Manager Dave Martinez basically leave Tanner Roark to get ROCKED in the bottom of the 5th inning…DESPITE it being evident that Roark simply LOST IT!

Sure, dude was cruising, throwing 4 shutout innings…HOWEVER for whatever reason, he resorted to throwing BP pitches in the bottom of the 5th inning! Philly hit A NUMBER of ropes!

With a BULLPEN full of pitchers…Martinez should have taken Roark out when it was 3-2 and runners on 1st and 3rd. Instead..he leaves Roark in to give up 2 doubles in a row….to give Philly a 5-3 lead. Finally, Martinez brings in a lefty reliever to face Joey Bats, lol…who proceeds to fly out to end the 5th.

However Kapler had to pinch hit for Arrieta…so it’s now a battle of two BAD bullpens (with The Phillies up 5-3 going into the top of the 6th).

Anyone who had ANY FEARS of a ‘suddenly hot’ Washington team being ‘a threat’ to run The Braves down…can rest their worries! Martinez may be EVEN WORSE than Snitker! What a TERRIBLE decision to leave Roark in like that..when you have a lot of reserves in your bullpen (and especially when you had TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW due to rainouts on Sunday and Monday). They didnt really extend any of their middle relievers too much in the 1st game of the DH earlier).

I’m hoping that the 1st game with Philly in Atl will be the final straw for Philadelphia.
Folty is one out in the 8th….Dare a complete game? No bull pen even has to get warmed up? Gausman could he throw 8 tomorrow?
Most of the pen gets 3 days off—that would be really really good–especially with viz coming back Friday.
The barrel of the bat almost hit Dans with the ball at the same time….fingers crossed.

3 games off the magic number in one day is just plain greedy.

Biddle and minter warm up otherwise a bull pen free day, greedy.

Complete game that was almost a shut out, greedy.

Win tomorrow, and then on friday start the sweep of Nats, super greedy.

Clinch division on 1st game of Philly series in Atlanta, priceless.

Catch cubs and win home field thru out? ………(after what was expected of Braves this year) magical.

Andy…I DO NOT want to see The Braves catch The Cubs for The NL best record! The Cubs are going to end up facing the winner of The Wild Card Game (either Milwaukee or St. Louis…probably Milwaukee). I’d rather face the winner of The NL West..than The Wild Card winner.

Even if we have to face The Cubs in The NLCS…The Braves seemingly play better on the road..than at home (we’re only 37-34 at Sun Trust Field in 2018).

Hopefully Washington will beat Philly tomorrow. Then they have to play a makeup game against The Cubs..before coming to Atlanta (while we have an off day on Thursday). The Nats bullpen will surely be beat up by the time they come to Atlanta. Scherzer is scheduled to pitch Game 1…however Rodriguez and Roark are supposed to pitch Saturday/Sunday. I’d be happy taking 2 of 3 from Washington!

Let’s see how things shake out come Sunday…then we’ll worry about St. Louis coming to Atlanta on Monday!

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