The Braves’ New Guys on the Sidelines

The Braves’ New Guys on the Sidelines

Some familiar faces won’t be seen in SunTrust Park this season. At the end of last season, Braves management relieved Terry Pendleton and Eddie Perez of their duties as coaches for the team, thus eliminating the last of the Bobby Cox staffing era. There hasn’t been much said about the duo and their future with the team since the end of last season. After their release, many thought that the pair would be placed in new positions in the front office or management positions in the minor leagues.

According to a Tweet from David O’ Brien at the AJC, the two will be ‘roving instructors’ to the minor leagues; coaching throughout the minors as needed. When he tweeted this at the end of December, nothing was official and currently, that still seems to be the case.

Although the last few years have been a little rocky for the Braves, both guys have had a long-standing relationship and reputation with the Braves organization and its fans. When they were let go last fall there was some surprise with the departures especially since much of the Braves fanbase was calling for Snit to be removed and two beloved Braves icons were removed instead. Their new assignments within the organization have probably been overshadowed by the hiring of Alex Anthropolous, it seems like their official job titles have been put on the back burner until closer to opening day.

Terry Pendleton

Terry Pendleton was a part of the Braves coaching staff for 16 years. He had an impressive 15-year professional major league career. When he was signed as a free agent in 1991 to the Braves they were the worst team in the league. Pendleton then led the Braves to the World Series that year which resulted in him receiving National League MVP. He also received 3 Gold Gloves throughout his professional career. He spent 4 and a half years as a Brave. Pendleton ended his career with Kansas City in 1998, then a few years later joined the Braves coaching staff in 2001. Throughout his 16 year span with the Braves he has been the hitting, first-base and bench coach.

Eddie Perez

Eddie Perez also had a significant amount of time on the field and off for the Braves. He spent 11 years in the majors between the Braves, Indians and Brewers. Nine of those years were spent as a Braves.  He won the NLCS MVP in 1999. He retired in 2005. During Perez’s 11-year span on the Braves coaching staff, he worked as player-coach for the Mississippi Braves before being called up by Bobby Cox to be the bullpen coach in 2007 and later the first base coach under Brian Snitker. In addition to his time spent coaching the Braves, in the past two offseasons he has managed Aguilas del Zulia of the Venezuelan Winter League.

So who are the new faces?

University of North Carolina alum, Walt Weiss, was recently officially announced as the Braves new bench coach. Weiss started his professional career as a shortstop with the A’s, winning Rookie of the Year in 1988. In that same year, the A’s went to the World Series but lost to the Dodgers. In 1989, the A’s made their way back to the playoffs winning a World Series Championship. Over the next several years Weiss would be traded to several teams including the Marlins, the Rockies as well as the Braves. In 1998, Weiss made his first and only All-Star appearance as a Brave.

Walt Weiss – source: Wikimedia Commons

After he retired in 2000, Weiss joined the Rockies as a special instructor in 2002 and held this position until 2008. After this year he stepped back from the world of baseball to spend time with family. In 2012 the Rockies asked Weiss to come back and join the team as manager. He stepped down as manager in 2016.

The first base coaching spot goes to Eric Young Sr. You may remember his son Eric Young Jr. or “EY” who played for the Braves in 2015. Young Sr. spent 15 years in the majors across many different teams. Young also spent time on Weiss’ staff in Colorado for 3 seasons. During his time with the Rockies, he was the first base coach as well as oversaw other coaching roles for the Rockies. He has also spent time with the Diamondbacks as their first base coach and worked in their minor league.

So what does all this mean for the Braves this season? It means that the Braves have some fresh perspectives, ideas, and wisdom to impart on the team this year. Weiss’ experience as a manager of a major league team will definitely put a different spin on the bench coaching position.

The two people that would have seemed most likely to have been let go but were not, are Chuck Hernandez and Brian Snitker. Due to the overall poor performance of the Braves pitching the past few seasons it seems odd to keep Hernandez on a pitching coach. This position, more than any other, desperately needs someone with a new vision for Braves pitchers. Someone who can help the veterans get back on their feet while guiding the rookies toward success, all while giving encouragement and discipline.

Brian Snitker – source: Wikimedia Commons

Brian Snitker as manager was something that most of the Braves fandom didn’t expect or want after his non-aggressive managerial style last season. Snitker seems like a very soft-spoken guy; you never see him scream or yell or stand up for players like Bobby Cox did. The team needs someone who can be a disciplinarian, someone who is not afraid to put pressure on the players to work harder and give tough love when needed. I think that is what the team is missing out on with Snitker as manager – discipline.

On several occasions, Terry Pendleton and Ron Washington have both been considered for the position of manager, but to no avail. Snitker and Hernandez positions’ are the ones that really needed someone new, instead, two legends got the boot.

It is exciting to know that there are some new visions and strategies coming to the team by adding Weiss and Young. Even though we won’t see them as often as we have in years past Terry Pendleton and Eddie Perez will still be around Braves country and always in our hearts.


If Snitker has Acuna bat ANYWHERE OTHER than The #2 spot of the order when Acuna is promoted in mid-April…he should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED!

This NONSENSE TALK of ‘uh…let’s not put too much pressure on Acuna/let’s see Acuna EARN his way up the batting order’ PURE NONSENSE! Have any of you nay-sayers been PAYING ATTENTION to how Acuna ADAPTS to pressure/new surroundings in the past year? He gets promoted (may struggle for a few at-bats, then once he makes adjustments TURNS IT UP and shows why he is ‘Ronald Acuna’!

I CANNOT emphasize enough….Acuna has the skill set to have an impact on a game….WITHOUT hitting for power/getting a base hit. He will take a walk/will stand in and GET HIT BY A PITCH (doing whatever it takes to GET ON BASE). He’s a HUGE THREAT to 1. Steal a base. 2. go from 1st to 3rd on a regular single. 2. A HUGE THREAT to score from 1st on any regular double!

I mean…REALLY…do it make ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER to 1. have Acuna hitting behind Freddie “I can barely beat Brian McCann in a sprint’ Freeman in The Clean-up spot? 2. have Acuna hitting #6-#7th (again, not only does Acuna’s speed become A NON-FACTOR…because you dont want to risk Acuna running into an out, which would result in delaying the batting order being turned over…BUT ALSO Acuna is simply TOO GOOD a hitter to be hitting that low in the order!).

In this day and age of analytics being given more credence to how players are evaluated/valued….this BS notion of ‘uh, let’s take it REAL SLOW with A FREAKING STUD like Ronald Acuna….still exists! ‘Sure’…let’s BURY him in the 7-hole UNTIL AFTER he puts up ALL-STAR NUMBERS (so MORONS can FEEL BETTER about putting additional pressure on him by elevating him to The 2-hole of the batting order)! Unreal how STUPID people are!

Then again, when 90% of The Planet believes in some form of a made up god that does not exist…it’s PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE how The Masses HISTORICALLY have been incapable of ‘getting it right’ TIME AND TIME AGAIN! Just as we look back at how people used to believe in Greek/Roman Mythology thousands of years ago and wonder ‘what were they thinking’…….500 years from now, 1,000 years from now, our descendants will LOOK BACK at us (in 2018) and think ‘WHAT WERE THEY (us) THINKING’…when it comes to A VARIETY OF STUPID BELIEFS/POSITIONS that our society holds onto? Religion…and how baseball fans adhere to the ‘uh, let’s BURY a TALENTED STUD whose PROVEN that he can make adjustments/get on base/steal bases/draw walks/get hit by pitches/make fielders rush their throws, allowing him to get on base via error….ALL BECAUSE of his SPEED….YET instead of immediately inserting such STUD PLAYER into The #2 hole of the batting order upon his promotion to The Majors, Managers are employed who’ll put him in the #7 hole (just so our WEAK MINDS can be prevented from ‘risking’ having to deal with the ‘potential disappointment’ of such a talent…failing)….are just two examples of how our descendants going to LOOK BACK at how STUPID our generation of people STILL allow themselves to be DESPITE having access to an education, science, archaeology..and analytics!

Jesus, dude.

Honestly, is it a big deal if Acuna isn’t hitting second in the lineup when he comes up? NO! You speak of analytics and access to information…it’s worth mentioning that lineup optimization over a normal, traditional lineup only yields a few more runs a month on average when we run the simulations. We waste so much time talking about it like it really matters and sure, a team should try to do all it can to utilize the best version of itself, but seriously…it’s not that important.

I don’t mind having you around, but Brittni didn’t even mention Acuna in her entire well-written article. I don’t really care about defending the idea that Acuna should hit lower in the order when he comes up – again, it doesn’t matter that much – but at least try to stick with the topic at hand.

Dude, if the ‘simulations’ that you’ve run ‘suggest’ that hang Acuna hitting 2nd as opposed to 7th “only” results in a difference of ‘a couple of runs’ a month…I suggest that you get some DIFFERENT SIMULATIONS, lol!

I have A HARD TIME believing..that a lineup with 1. Albies. 2. Acuna. 3. Freeman. 4. Flowers/Suzuki. 5. Markakis. 6. Carmargo. 7. Inciarte. 8. Swanson….would only score ‘a couple more runs a month….than 1. Inciarte. 2. Albies. 3. Freeman. 4. Flowers/Suzuki. 5. Markakis. 6. Carmago. 7. Acuna. 8. Swanson!

Inciarte is pretty much limited to being a singles hitter (only 42 XBH out of 201 total hits)…22 stolen bases while caught 9 times…only drew 49 walks.

Albies and Acuna…if both played pretty much the whole year at the top of the order…would get WAY MORE than 22 stolen bases each. Also, both will easily exceed 42 XBH in 2018. Freddie Freeman could very well lead MLB in RBIs…if he were to hit behind Albies and Acuna for most of 2018 (even accounting for Acuna missing the 1st 2 weeks of the season while in Triple A).

I love Inciarte’s glove in center. Sure, in 2017 The Braves needed him to hit leadoff…because we simply lacked options. However with Albies and Acuna (come April 16th)…Inciarte’s leadoff days should come to an end as soon as Acuna makes his MLB debut!

I felt this was common knowledge. I’ll let this article from The Ringer tell the story.

Despite how prominently batting order factors into fans’ view of a manager, and despite the public angst it inspires, the 1-through-9 carries a dark secret: It doesn’t actually matter all that much. Or, as the writer Jack Moore once began a piece at FanGraphs, “When it comes to sabermetric studies, no single item sees more energy expended with less gain than the analysis of batting orders.”

The authors of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball, the 2007 sabermetrics tome that contains the authoritative analysis of lineup order optimization, found that the difference between a perfect lineup and any typically constructed lineup, regardless of its philosophical underpinnings, is worth only about 10 to 15 runs over a full season. At the generally accepted exchange rate of 10 runs per win, that’s not much — and it’s the figure for a full lineup. The leadoff spot alone would be worth but a fraction of a fraction of a win, which can make the energy invested in the matter seem unwarranted.

My ideal lineup has Inciarte hitting ninth, but it’s really not that important. As for Acuna hitting sixth or seventh…there’s no convincing argument to suggest he shouldn’t hit there to open his career. If it takes an ounce of pressure off him, that’s more than enough to justify the move. But just to reiterate – It. Doesn’t. Matter. Unless you can find some information to suggest that Fangraphs and everyone else are wrong and lineup optimization has an important role, I see no reason to go crazy about this subject. Sure, don’t bat an Andrelton Simmons with a sub .300 OBP in the leadoff spot as Fredi Gonzalez did for way too long, but hitting Inciarte/Albies at the top of the lineup isn’t a bad option by any means. Would Acuna be better? Probably. Will it ultimately be that important? Unlikely.

Tommy….Let’s say that “I” (who would TOTALLY SUCK as a MLB hitter) was inserted in the cleanup spot INSTEAD of hitting 9th (which is where most pitchers who cant hit…hit in The National League). How many RALLIES do you think I would kill over the course of a year?

While I may not have ‘the computer simulations’ to PROVE THIS… say that the batting order DOES NOT MATTER… ludicrous!

While there has yet to be a stat that can quantify this..I feel that THE PRESSURE that a premier hitter puts on the opposing pitcher (even if they are 3-4 hitters away) DOES AFFECT the opposing pitcher AND how he pitches to hitters in front of said hitter!

The year that Barry Bonds hit 73 you know how many homers that Rich Aruilla hit? 37 (he hit 23 homers in his next highest number of seasonal homers)!!!!! Guess who he hit in front of that year? That’s right…Barry Bonds! Rich FREAKING Aruilla had 97 RBIs hitting in front of Bonds that year! Rich Aruilla WAS NOT a 37 homer/97 RBI year kind of guy! However, when you have a guy hitting behind you who ended up hitting 73 homers that year….what kind of MEATBALL PITCHES do you think that Aruilla got to hit that year? Put that in your computer simulation, lol!

Facts are facts, Paul. Everyone who has ever studied this has shown the same thing. Sure, if you bat the pitcher leadoff and Freeman ninth, the lineup production suffers as a result. I pointed out the Braves hitting Andrelton leadoff despite a sub-.300 OBP. That does matter. But that’s the extreme. When we are talking about pretty normal lineups (i.e. Inciarte/Albies/Freeman vs. Albies/Acuna/Freeman), the difference is not significant. As I said and proved, the difference over a full season is roughly 10-15 runs. It’s the difference between one or two wins. That’s what the numbers say. Verify them if you want, but you’re the guy pushing us to drop antiquated ideas in favor of cold, hard facts. Well, there’s one.

Btw, the McCarthy option season is based on an injury to his shoulder popping up again. It wouldn’t help his trade value as it would require him to suffer a shoulder injury (note, not an elbow injury) in 2018.

Tommy…by the way, did you check out AA’s podcast today with He basically REPEATED what I’ve been saying ALL WINTER LONG (which I’ve been HARPING ON since BEFORE he was hired mid-November) about what should be The Braves Plan for well as what The Plan SHOULD BE for 2019!

While he did acknowledge that some prospects will end up being traded…I’m confident that AA will be patient and wait until after The Rotation is FIRMLY BUILT..before he starts dealing from our depth of starting pitching prospects.

Man it’s nice to be right, lol! Perhaps AA is reading your blog and pilfering my comments and incorporating them into how he’s running The Braves!

Tommy…despite what I’ve been saying all winter about The 2018 Season being about 1. giving The Pitching Prospects (and Albies & Acuna as many at-bats as possible hitting #1-#2 in front of Freeman during The 2018 Season) as many starts in The Starting Rotation after The July Trade Deadline (which would of course initially be ‘a downgrade’ from the presumably production of Teheran, Folty and McCarthy…even Kazmir)….I felt that if The Braves were VERY FORTUNATE when it came to avoiding ‘The Injury Bug’….The Braves could surprise a few people (contend for a Wild Card, especially if certain teams that were expected contend had suffered a Mets-like implosion to their starting pitching staff). It’s MUCH EASIER to project others suffering season ending injuries that hurt their playoff chances…HOWEVER it’s MUCH TOUGHER to AVOID The Plague of Injuries that befoul your team’s chance…ESPECIALLY when your team LACK GENUINE DEPTH!

While I’m VERY HIGH on Soroka, Allard and Wright, I’ve been watching MLB long enough to understand that starting pitchers tend to ‘get their lumps’ early while ‘getting their feet wet’ (even Gohara, as impressive as he was in his 5 starts at the end of 2017, didnt exactly have ‘ace-like stats’). I expect Gohara (baring injury) to take that ‘cup of coffee’ into The 2018 Season and have a VERY GOOD YEAR!

As much as many Braves fans wanted to see The Braves participate in This Past Free Agent Market (especially with the prices falling faster than what you see on a Wal-Mart commercial)….the HARSH REALITY is that The 2018 Braves simply LACKED DEPTH! Injuries seem to come from nowhere/unexpected! Just look at Gohara! If The Braves had ANY HOPES of making something happen in 2018…it started with GOHARA being our ace/our horse/our 240-250 inning guy who REGULARLY pitched 7-8 innings a night (sprinkling in a few complete games to save our bullpen from time to time). Without Gohara in 2018 being able to do that…..THE ‘miracle’ STORY ENDS…before the season begins! I know, that’s a lot to put on a 21 year old. However Gohara’s mental makeup is similar to Acuna’s. Both of those guys WANT THE BALL/WANT TO BAT WITH RUNNERS ON BASE IN CRUCIAL SITUATIONS! They BOTH have ‘The It Factor’ (not sure how one can ‘quantify’ in a computer simulation where it factors into one’s ‘WAR’…but ‘The It Factor’…is legit). Similar to how Patrick Weigel’s arm tear ended his 2017 Season (and may not be back until Spring Training in 2019)…..Gohara could very well have one of those ‘injury-riddled’ seasons where seemingly ‘nothing goes right’. I’m going to be honest…if Gohara doesnt come back 100% in May (or June, or whenever he can finally start making starts in ATLANTA’s Rotation)…I’d rather see him either sent down to Triple A or shut down for the season…than risk rushing back/doing something STUPID that results in his arm/elbow being blown/s! There’s no shame…in rebounding/starting over the next year..with BOTH a clean slate AND your health! Besides…it wasnt like The Braves were expected to compete in 2018 anyway!

Not being able to count on Gohara…means that there will be a couple of slots available after Teheran, Folty and McCarthy. Unless something drastic happens…..I’m pretty sure that Newcomb and Kazmir will be given the 4th and 5th spots (Kazmir will probably pitch a couple of relief appearances in Atlanta OR sent down to make a couple of starts in Triple A to start the season UNTIL the 1st 5th starter’s spot comes up). The Braves will find out by the end of April/mid-May..if Kazmir deserves to pitch the rest of the year (whether that is in an Atlanta uniform OR has value when it comes to being traded to a pitching team in need…which would get The Braves some much needed lower level lottery ticket type prospects in return)! I have serious doubts about Kazmir (his stuff isnt exactly ‘swiss and miss’ type, lol). However if he can ‘pitch’, then he has value, simple as that. The only way to determine that…is to give Kazmir some starts (more than one or two) for him to show The Braves what he has! Realistically….Snitker (and to a degree, AA) are going to have to use The 2018 Season to manage The 5 Man Rotation in a way that BOTH builds towards The 2019 Season AND builds toward who to trade by The July Trade Deadline! It’s a tough gig…because a GM is basically ‘giving up’ on seriously compete in 2018. However, if AA does it right (and if The Braves are the beneficiary of some ‘good fortune’ when it comes to the health and ultimate skill of its young pitching prospects)…then I see no reason why The 2018 Season wont be THE LAST SEASON that AA has to GM this way! Come 2019, The Braves will have the beginnings…of the making of a potentially great Starting 5…for years to come! However, each year, there will be COMPETITION for starting roles, because our Minor League talent is STOCKED with some high upside arms! AA real skill as a GM…will be to decide WHICH arms to keep/which ones to trade! However at least by then, AA will be dealing from a POSITION OF STRENGTH (as opposed to when he was first hired in late 2017..and other teams wanted him to deal 4 or 5 of our best prospects..for one of their ‘so called good players’). In a couple of years…when our rotation is FIRMLY SETTLED (and we have a couple of really good youngsters stashed away in Triple A who have options case we have an injury that opens up a slot for one of them) AA will be able to package one or two of these guys together…to get the type of player he feels will improve The Braves team (in other words…NONE of this 4-5 of our best for one of yours BS type trades).

With Gohara not being counted on until, let’s say, mid-May…..our rotation for the 1st 20% of the season will be the following:

1. Teheran
2. Folty
3. McCarthy
4. Newcomb
5. Kazmir

Assuming no one gets hurt…no one tanks/suddenly develops into this year’s version of Bartalo Colon……the backup/starting pitching reserves, I feel, will fall into two categories: 1st half candidate….2nd half candidates

1st half candidates will probably be Matt Wisler, Aaron Blair, Lucas Sims, even Chase Whitley! That’s 4 what I call AAAA type pitchers that The Braves can call on in The 1st half of the season….basically buying time for The Franchise Starting Pitchers to ‘buy their time/show what they can do in Triple A’.

2nd half candidates, assuming that all three are healthy/show that they are making MINCEMEAT out of Triple A hitters…..are Mike Soroka, Kolby Allard and Kyle Wright. That’s a lot to ask for/expect! However, I’m a big fan of the talent that these young men represent. All three are young, polished professionals who seem to be all about ‘business’/working hard to excel/make it to The Majors. For those three to be successful in 2019, AA need to make sure that all three are positioned to get their ‘cups of coffee starts’ after The July Trade Deadline…which means bye-bye to McCarthy, Kazmir and very possibly Teheran (especially if Folty shows in 2018 that he can lead our staff going into 2019).

Trading Teheran by The July Trade Deadline would free up $11 mil in 2019 and either $12 mil team option in 2020 (or his $1 mil buyout..which I doubt gets declined..given that there are BUMS out there making more than $12 mil a year to pitch, lol). Also, The Braves would be saving whatever’s left on Teheran’s 2018 salary once he’s traded around The July Trade Deadline.

That would leave The Braves with a 2019 Opening Day Rotation of:

1. Folty
2. Gohara
3. Soroka
4. Sean Newcomb
5. Kolby Allard/Kyle Wright

If Newcomb lowers the walk rate in 2018 and shows that he can be a DOMINANT MLB Pitcher who continues to get hitters to ‘swing and miss’ while lowering the walk rate to around 3…..Newcomb has ALL-STAR written all over him. That would seemingly only leave ONE SPOT open for Allard and Wright to fight over…UNLESS Folty (if he has a killer season starting in 2018, then a team may be approaching The Braves with an offer to BLOW THEM AWAY for Folty…because Folty will be 2 years away from FA). However, if Folty only has a so-so season in 2018 as a starter..then perhaps AA will convince Folty to give being a closer a shot…which would open a spot for BOTH Allard and Wright going into 2019). Regardless, The Braves will have A PLETHORA OF OPTIONS…that’s why I have maintained that The Braves simply have TOO MANY QUESTIONS that need ANSWERING in 2018…to realistically expect The Braves to make a serious playoff push! We simply DO NOT KNOW what is going to happen!

Those are some YOUNG, DYNAMIC, Swing and Miss POWER ARMS who (with the exception of Folty, who’ll be due to make around $7-$8 mil via arbitration going into 2019) are pre-arbitration eligible for a number of years after 2019! That’s just THE HALF OF IT!

Lurking to make their way up come 2020 and 2021…are the likes of Tooki Tousiant and Patrick Weigel (who should be fully recovered in Spring Training 2019)….as well as the likes of Joey Wentz, Bryce Wilson, Ian Anderson, Tucker Davidson, Kyle Muller and Ricardo Sanchez (who are slated to open The 2018 Season in Class A Florida).

Regardless, I’m EXCITED about 2018. I genuinely want to see how our young players progress..while keep tabs on The Minor Leagues (especially those pitching prospects…as well as Pache, Jackson, Riley, and now Peterson). I’ll be watching The June Draft…to see if AA can match Coppy when it comes to RESULTS in stocking the lower levels of The Minors with high upside talent! I’ll also be watching come The July Trade Deadline…to see if AA is a match for his competitors (who will no doubt be looking for ‘steals of deals’ (giving up SLOP for our potential gold, lol).

I’ll close with this (perhaps Tommy Poe can do some research on what the particulars of Brandon McCarthy’s team option is really about, I’ll post at the end of this ‘sermon’ of mine what I copied from the Baseball Prospectus Site on Contracts each team has)! If I’m right….if McCarthy rebounds and puts up a really nice 1st half…The Braves can either keep him (knowing that he has one year at $5 mil in 2019)..OR trade him to a team who will be getting A STEAL OF A DEAL by only paying him $5 mil in 2019! That would make McCarthy a potentially VALUABLE trade chip come The Trade Deadline!

Scroll down to McCarthy’s list of contracts….and the following is posted:

“conditional club option for 2019 based on days spent on disabled list with a specific injury: $5M club option with more than 179 days on DL or $8M club option with 119-179 days”

Can anyone give an update on how this affects The Braves?

Tommy….I thought that McCarthy’s prior injuries earlier in this current contract of his (he’s missed significant time due to injuries since he signed this 5 year contract with The Dodgers)….counted towards the 6th year team option getting activated! Perhaps you could check that out?

Tommy…thanks for the heads up. With pitching injuries, it’s not always clear exactly what type of injury a pitcher suffers from over the years.

Still, it would have been a potential bonus for The Braves, IF they had a $5 mil team option on McCarthy (whether they wanted to keep McCarthy or trade him, allowing a potential return to be sweeter because of the added year of control only costing $5 mil….given what BUMS out there are getting, lol).

McCarthy is the real Wild Card in 2018 for The Braves. While virtually the whole staff has ‘question marks’ regarding what lies ahead for them in 2018…McCarthy is a Free Agent at the end of 2018. His performance in the 1st half of 2018..will go a long ways toward determining what NOT ONLY what The Braves decide to do with him come The Trade Deadline BUT ALSO what kind of return The Braves could get for him.

Health has always been THE BIG ISSUE for McCarthy….so it’s really TOUGH to project his 2018 Season. Anyone who says either FULL OF IT or ‘hoping’ for either the best or the worst (depending on their agenda), lol! A part of me is encouraged by his Spring Training so far. Let’s see if McCarthy can regularly make it through 6-7 innings a start/giving up 3-ish runs a start! If he ends up needing 100+ pitches to make it through 5 innings every time out (sounds familiar, Newcomb?)….The Braves Bullpen is going to need reinforcements come mid-May!

On a side note, during The Braves 13-6 loss to Toronto today..The Braves decided to allow Anyelo Gomez to pitch 2 innings today (after he gave up 2 runs in the 5th inning). I wasnt so much worried that he gave up an additional 2 runs in the 6th inning…as I was about Snitker trotting Gomez out there for a 2nd inning of work. Gomez throws pretty hard (has what I consider, at this point in his career, ‘one inning type stuff’). I thought it was potentially FOOLISH for Snitker to have him pitch the 6th (perhaps The Braves wanted to see if he can be a ‘2 inning kind of guy’ on occasion). At this point, I’d rather see Gomez focus on being a ‘one inning guy’ (he’s making A HUGE JUMP to The Majors this season, it isnt like he’s ‘accustomed’ to this kind of pressure like Acuna is).

Perhaps after Gomez settles in/proves that he’s got ‘the one inning deal’ down…then maybe it would make sense to see him give 2 innings a try. I hope that today’s move by Snitker regarding Gomez is a ONE TIME DEAL!

The rant hardly seemed necessary, Paul- nor did bringing up religion in a baseball related comment section. You could’ve made your point without that, and attacking other people’s beliefs. I’d appreciate if you didn’t go there in the future please, and I’ll leave it at that.

Dude, I was simply trying to compare how people (no matter the field/belief) tend to be STUCK in a backwards way of thinking (no matter how much science/analytics proves that ‘the old backwards way DOES NOT WORK’).

I’m all about doing whatever it takes to give The Braves the best chance to win LONG TERM! Seeing Albies and Acuna hit at The Top of The Order….makes sense (both logically and analytically)! Having a punch and judy hitter like Inciarte hit leadoff (basically giving him the most at-bats of any hitter on the team all season long)..would be a BIG WASTE!

I was refuting the ‘old way’ of thinking (which is the TIRED/OUTDATED ‘uh, dont put too much pressure on the kid’)! If anything Acuna is going to be the one PUTTING PRESSURE on the other team IF Snitker uses him properly! He’ll get PLENTY of pitches to hit..especially with Freddie hitting behind him!

I’m a little torn on how I feel about the changes on the sidelines.

On one hand, I’m a little disappointed Pendleton’s not on the coaching staff anymore. It really seemed as if he was the next man up for the managers spot for basically ever, but he never got the gig. They even brought in Ron Washington as a bit of a safety I guess, in the event they fired Snitker. It seemed that way to me, anyway. It makes me wonder what they didn’t see in TP, or like about him? I guess the same could be asked about Perez.

On the other hand, I do agree that some fresh visions might be good. I’m not among the camp that wanted to see Snitker fired, because he really wasn’t given a ML quality team to work with last season- but as more and more talent matures, results are going to start being more important. Hernandez, more than anyone, should’ve been relieved of his duties, though. For a team that’s going to be built on pitching, you need THE guy there you want- and I can’t see where he did a lot for the staff last season.

I’m excited for Weiss to come aboard, and to see what how he helps the club this season. He also would seem a good option to manage the team if they part ways with Snit at some point. I’d much prefer him to Wash, I think. Coaching is a hard thing to quantify, though. I always base my opinions off of what I read that the players seem to want, because I’d think their comfort with the men holding those spots would probably be the most important thing to it.

LOL, what’s worse is that we’ve already seen the OD lineup. Seen it in several ST games. It’s going to look like this:


And it ain’t gonna change.

With regards to the article, I understand the turnover on the bench. I hope Snitker is open to listening to his coaches. All of Snit/Gonzales/Pendleton/Perez are old school. It’s likely that Pendleton/Perez are good teachers and handlers of players but so is Snitker. A good team has diversity of opinion and people who can bring fresh perspectives which it seems Weiss and Young seems to be. Young will be important to help our up and coming speedsters take full advantage of their speed. Weiss is a thinker – seems to me all good thinkers are SS or C. Not only will he be able to help with positioning (hello shifts) but he should also provide non-conformist thinking to Snit. This can only be a good thing. Seitzer seems to be doing a great job as hitting coach. Not so sure about Hernandez and I share Brittni’s skepticism on that front.

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