Contest: Atlanta Braves Free Agent Signing(s)

Contest: Atlanta Braves Free Agent Signing(s)

As Stephen (@b_outliers) stated, it’s going to be an interesting week.

Let me tell you a joke about some snails

3 snails crawl into a bar. 2 of the snails start conversing with each other. The 3rd snail, who was on the verge of buying a round of beers, gets upset about being left out of the conversation and signals to the bartender to bring him a beer…not beers.

When the other 2 snails stop conversing, they look up at the 3rd snail and are surprised that he’s sitting with beer in tow and the bartender didn’t ask if they’d wanted anything. The 2 snails then go on to tell the 3rd snail that since the bar didn’t serve food,  they were discussing the possibility of ordering a pizza, picking it up, and bringing it back to the bar for all to enjoy.  The 3rd snail now feels embarrassed and even more forlorn as his bit of insecure selfishness backfired on him.

To make up for matters, he tells the other 2 that he’ll order the pizza and go pick it up while they sit and watch over his beer. The 2 snails didn’t really understand the motive behind the decision but agreed to let the 3rd snail go get the pizza.  So snail #3 abandoned his beer (which was craft and delicious) and started off…and yes…it was at a snail’s pace.

4 weeks later…

Snails 1 and 2 are still sitting at the bar and still guarding snail #3’s beer. They begin to discuss the fact that he’s been gone quite a while and had likely already got the pizza and ate it himself. They came to this conclusion after realizing how odd snail #1 was acting upon his departure. Infuriated at his betrayal, snail 1&2 make a decision:

They’re going to drink snail #3’s beer. 

They slime their way up to the lip of the pint glass, millimeter by millimeter, and finally reach the lip. But right before they dip their tiny tongues into the beer, they hear a voice from the door:

Hey you 2!  If you drink my beer, I’m not going to get this pizza!

MLB free agency has been moving at a snail’s pace this offseason. The players are dumbfounded. Most fans are dumbfounded. Whether it’s agents demanding too much, tanking teams, lack of need, there’s no mistaking that it’s been a real drag on all of us. But I think, for the Braves, it’s about to change. I said it yesterday, and I’ll reiterate it today: Braves make a move this week.

So here’s the contest. Please follow it step by step:

  • Sign up to comment on our site (Provide Twitter handle if you have it)
  • Pick a  player that you think Braves will sign before Spring Training.
  • Pick the years and the contract given.

Example: Emilio Bonifacio, 3 years 42MM from @b_outliers.

The winner will be the closest to all 3 categories and he/she will receive an autographed Dale Murphy hat. If there are 2 winners, the 2nd will receive a copy of Ballplayer by Chipper Jones.


Good Luck, Braves fam!


Eric O’Flaherty; minor league deal. $1.35M if he makes the major league roster.

Thomas knows where to troll me if I doom the Braves and this comes true.

With The Mets signing Todd Frazier, it looks like The Braves are going to stand pat in 2018 with what they have at 3rd/left field (unless they do something STUPID like sign Moustakis to a long term deal).

I’m fine with seeing what Rio/Carmago can do in the 1st half of 2018. To be honest, I’d be fine with one more 70-73 win season that gives us one last Top 8/Top 10 pick to stock the lower levels of The Minors in The 2019 June Draft. 2018 should all be about giving Albies and Acuna (once he gets called up after the 2nd week of the season) as many at-bats hitting #1-#2 in our batting order….while Teheran and Folty audition to either be traded or kept as an ace-like pitcher for 2019/while McCarthy/Kazmir auditions to be traded by The Trade Deadline/while Gohara proves that he can be a mainstay in our rotation for the next 10 years/while Newcomb proves whether he has a 3rd out pitch that can transform him from a pitcher who needs 100 pitches to make it through the 5th inning, into a pitcher who can effectively regularly get through the 7th inning…in addition to giving the likes of Soroka/Allard/Wright time to audition/work their way up to The Majors by the end of 2018!

If The Braves can somehow LUCK UP into a playoff run…..sure, why not. But no moves should be made to SACRIFICE the development of our young players being giving plenty of playing time that will prepare them to start DOMINATING in 2019 (when we’ll be positioned to compete for a Divisional Title…..screw the one day crapshot that is The Wild Card play-in game)!

Just think….one year from now, if things work out as I expect them to, IMAGINE what kind of EXCITING conversations/posts we’ll be having on here regarding what lies ahead going into The 2019 Season? All the losing from 2014-2018 will be A DISTANT MEMORY..especially when we start another 14-15 year run of MAKING THE PLAYOFFS/CHALLENGING for a World Series Championship EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Keeping our young prospects and developing them into OUR OWN STARS…is how that happens! NOT by ‘uh, let’s start trading from our surplus potentially high ceiling starting pitching prospects because we dont have enough room for all of them in The Majors’ NONSENSE! Trying to ‘solve’ a problem that DOES NOT EVEN EXIST YET…is HELLA STUPID!

Let these kids develop FOR US….and see what happens (you know, injuries/variance/ineffectiveness/some taking longer than other to develop/etc. all play roles in the timetables of prospects). I’m just thankful that The Braves (under Coppy) HOARDED enough of these guys for A SMART GM to take the ‘wait and see/long game’ approach and BUILD a homegrown rotation/bullpen that is YOUNG/COST-CONTROLLED/CHEAP/POTENTIALLY HIGH CEILING!

In a few years…virtually every arm coming out to pitch (whether starting or in the bullpen) will be DOMINANT ARMS that put all kinds of pressure on the opposing hitters! If AA does his job right…..whatever ‘surplus’ we end up having, gets traded for several younger, high ceiling arms that we can put in the lower levels of The Minors to in a few years they’ll be ready (if need be)!

I’m so excited to see how 2018 plays out with our pitching prospects throughout our System. I cant wait to have this conversation with you guys come October about where we’ll be at going into The 2018 Free Agent Offseason!

My prediction…is NO ONE! The Braves will go into Spring Training with the status quo.

If we make any deals/sign any will be towards the end of Spring Training…when players routinely get cut/dont make The 25 man Opening Day Rosters.

Now that Frazier is not an option, I don’t think I like anyone. I would rather see a trade for Suarez or JD Davis or Travis Shaw/Brett Phillips. Not sure how it hurts the org to trade a prospect or two for other prospects of equal value.

I’m not sure there’s anything out there the Braves can actually buy on the market that makes sense for any future seasons. Our gaping hole is RF because there are no good prospects to fill it and no good FA’s with youth which is why I really thought we’d get Yellich, but glad we didn’t because MIL gave up a lot IMO. Perhaps a trade for Santana for Folty or take on all of Ellsbury’s contract to pry Frazier from the Yankees. We have to do something because we have no internal options (assuming D Peterson doesn’t improve/recover).

For a FA signing, let’s go with Logan Morrison, 1 yr, 2.75 million as a bench bat, 1st base insurance play.

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