Will Braves go shopping at The Brewery?

Will Braves go shopping at The Brewery?

I like beer. I like it so much that I brew my own. I don’t like the feeling of being drunk and the days after where it feels as though someone has taken a rubber hammer to my skull. Simply put, I like the the taste of beer and the relaxed feeling a beer or 2 can provide.  But I don’t like just any beer. In fact, if I was given a Bud Light at a shindig and that was the only beer that was available at said shindig, I’d politely decline then passive-aggressively chastise the party-thrower for providing the guests with turds in a can.

There are all types of beers across the world: Ambers, Barley Wines, Bocks, Bitters, Blondes, Browns, Creams, Doppelbocks, Dubbels, Dunkels, ESBs, Flanders Reds, Goldens, Goses, Hefeweizens, Helles, Imperials, IPAs, Double IPAs, Kolsches, Lagers, Lambics, “Lights” (aka known as craps), Maibocks, Malt Liquors, Oktoberfests, Pale Ales, Pilsners, Porters, Pale Ales, Quads, Reds, Saisons, Scotch Ales, Stouts, Tripels, Vienna Lagers, Wheats, Weissbiers, and Weizenbocks…to name a few.

I’ve tried a lot of beer in the last 15 years since really being introduced to the craft. My favorite beer of all time is called St. Bernadus ABT 12.  Rate Beer’s audience gives it a perfect score and so do I. In essence, it was the beer that was the door that opened me up to what beer is about, not  what America makes it out to be: flavor. It’s a perfect balance of bitter, sweet, malt, and all things in between. If you haven’t ever tasted it, stop reading this article right now, go buy it, come back and finish the article while enjoying the deliciousness. You’ll thank me later. Craft breweries are popping up all over the United States and the beer selection has never been better. Most places across the U.S. have a brewery within a 30 mile radius. Life is better with good beer and the ability to get fresh beer has never been easier. So, if you’re not already, get out and support your local brewery (if you’re 21 and have the ability to control your frickin’ self).

Braves? Beer? Where’s the Connection outside of Dan Keetz’s Hot takes and Terry Forster?

The Braves are in the midst of what every other MLB team seems to be in the midst of, and that is a slumping offseason. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some poor player or agent has been sipping on quite a few beers at night to ease a troubled mind.  Yes, the Braves could very well do nothing the rest of this offseason and go into 2018 giving Johan Camargo a chance to secure a regular spot at 3B, let Lane Adams start a few weeks in left-field until Ronald Acuna arrives on the scene, and let the current pitching crew battle it out in Spring Training. There’s also chance that the Braves make a move before the season is over and at least address one of the 3 listed above. For me, this market is ripe for the picking and it’d be foolish to not look into free agents and/or trades to take advantage.

The Debatable Window of the Atlanta Braves

There’s been a lot of talk about the Braves accelerating their window a bit to try to incorporate 2018 into that window. Really, it’s not a huge stretch to think that the Braves could push for Wild Card contention if our young ones immediately provide what their long-term ceilings show.

If Braves want to to do this and want to upgrade a corner OF position to complement Ender Inciarte and Ronald Acuna, there’s a perfect place to take their shopping list to and that is Milwaukee.

Jerry Crasnick, a well-respected writer at ESPN, had some interesting news regarding the availability of an outfield surplus over in Milwaukee.

The Brewers have a surplus in the outfield. Not only is their a logjam in the current MLBers, there’s also a top prospect that have been deemed ready in Lewis Brinson to complicate matters a bit. All teams need at least 4 outfielders and then a guy that can play multiple positions in a pinch. At this point, the Brewers have 6 guys that can be listed in their outfield depth chart. Brewers have also been connected to Lorenzo Cain and I speculated that their interest could be sparked by the fact that none of the current Brew Crew OFers rate high defensively and Cain would solidify CF for years to come.

So, if they stay internal, there’s still a need to open a space for Brinson.  If they land Cain, there’s room to make 2 trades. Regardless, they’re likely to move one and the two that have been most whispered to be on the market are Domingo Santana and Keon Broxton.

Shopping at the Brewery for the Right Beer

In today’s exercise, I play a little game that the Brewers GM is actually a brewmaster and all of the players in his system represent a different beer.  We will look at 6 beers in particular and gauge which beer best fits the Braves and Alex Anthopoulous’s palate.

The Sessionable Craft Lager, Hernan Perez– Perez is a beer that provides comfort. Any occasion, any weather, Perez is likely to be a versatile beer that won’t wow anyone, but can satisfy the American light beer drinkers and even make the most avid beer connoisseur say “not bad”.  In my opinion, the best beer that compares to the Hernan Perez is Full Sail’s Session Lager. Don’t let the stubby bottle and red label fool you, it’s everything and more that Red Stripe isn’t.

The High ABV Cheater, Ryan Braun–  Braun is a beer that was busted for adding extra sugars in the fermentation process to counteract the decline in sales performance. The result? A beer with twice the alcohol, twice the price, and 10 times the awful taste. It’s a disturbing trend  that was happening in the beer community but seems to be phasing out in 2018 beer market. The most comparable beer to the Ryan Braun is Natural Light’s “Natty Daddy”. If you are exempt from taste buds, this is the beer for you.

The American Pale Ale,  Brett Phillips– Phillips is a beer that is well-balanced with a nice amount of hops to coincide with a balance of malts. The result is a crisp refreshing brew that can be plugged in at all occasions. Most connoisseurs will agree that the Phillips isn’t the best beer they’ve ever tried, but it could be the beer they drink the most of as the taste is pretty agreeable on everyone’s palate. Not to be confused with the Perez, the Phillips packs a bigger punch and if one consumes the Phillips at a rate that one would consume the Perez, one might be end up on the floor mumbling, “What happened?”, as the average ABV is about 16% more than the average lager. Sierra Nevada’s flagship beer, simply labeled “Pale Ale” is the gateway American Pale Ale of which all others are measured and is a comparable beer to the Phillips. The Phillips APA, a crowd-pleaser that doesn’t try to do too much, but could sneak up on you and give your head a roundhouse kick

The Imperial Stout, Domingo Santana- Nearly everyone that’s ever drank beer loves a good Guinness directly from the tap at a bar that knows how to properly poor a Guinness. Also, if you’ve never experienced drinking a Guinness in Ireland, you’ve yet to experience a really, really good Guinness. But this isn’t about Guinness, it’s about “The Domingo”.  When those stouts get a little snooty, go all for an insanely high ABV, the result is a beer with a crazy amount of power and flavor, and most palates just cannot hack the intensity.  The Domingo is no different. I mean it really packs a punch and in terms of effect, there’s likely not another beer that can stand up to it’s power.  But there’s flaws…oh yes. Because it’s so intense, there’s a lot of “swing and miss”, meaning it’s audience is much smaller than the aforementioned beers. Still, it’s a great beer, the Domingo, and is very comparable to Old Rasputin produced by North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg, CA.

The Wheat, Keon Broxton- The Broxton is an interesting beer as it’s seen a bit as a seasonal beer and often when it is drunk out of season, it’s as miscast as Mickey Mouse in a Tarantino flick. Like most Wheats, the Broxton is a refreshing beer in the summer but when it’s asked to move into a neighboring season, Spring or Fall, it loses value and quickly becomes a beer that sits in the back of the beer fridge passed over by many other beers suited for the current season. The beer that compares most to the Broxton is Ballast Point’s Wohoo….but best kept in the season it belongs.

The Imperial Pale Lager, Lewis Brinson- A bit new to the scene, the Imperial Pale Lager is still brewed in the normal Lager sense (which takes a few more weeks to ferment in comparison to other beers) but packs a bigger punch in all facets. More malts, more hops, more sugars to ferment. More! More! More!  The Brinson, like most IPLs, are relatively new beers and they’re very up and coming in the beer community, but that same community wonders if they’re here to stay or if they’ll peak at lower levels, but never reach the steady production of an IPA. The Brinson is a risk but most in the biz agree that it’s a risk worth taking. Still, more ingredients, more expensive to brew, and longer brew time means a higher selling price. The Farmer’s Tan from Southern Tier is a comparable beer to the Brinson. Will it last? For the beer’s sake, we hope so.


I’m not exactly feeling any of those Brewers outfielders. I’d rather just keep Markakis for 2018 (with Lane Adams and Preston Tucker manning left until late April when Acuna gets called up)..with the real goals of The 2018 Season being the following:

1. Giving Albies and Acuna virtually the whole 2018 Season to get comfortable/show what kind of HAVOC they can potentially cause hitting #1-#2 in The Braves batting order.

2. Giving Soroka and Allard the 1st half of The 2018 Season in Triple A to show that their dominance in Double A in 2017 was no fluke…which would force AA to clear spots in Atlanta’s Rotation by The July Trade Deadline (bye McCarthy, Kazmir…and possibly either Teheran and/or Folty)

3. Giving Kyle Wright an opportunity (he’ll probably start the season in Double A) to rise like Gohara did in 2017….if he does, then AA may end up trading Teheran and/or Folty (if their either’s performance convinces a playoff aspiring team that either is the answer for their playoff push).

For 2019 to be a realistic playoff expectation….it is essential that Soroka, Allard and Wright all get at least 10-15 starts in the last half of The 2018 Season (getting their feet wet like Gohara did in 2017). I’d rather Soroka, Allard and Wright get whatever lumps any 1st timer/rookie expects to greet them….out of the way in an otherwise non-playoff year in 2018.

That is what has me excited for 2018….seeing those young players use 2018 to prepare to be SIGNIFICANT contributors in 2019! My biggest fear…is that The Braves will somehow be Wild Card contenders come The July Trade Deadline….which would blind our GM into keeping McCarthy and Kazmir (basically delaying the promotion/giving MLB starts to the likes of Soroka, Allard and Wright).

Sean Newcomb is someone I’m not sure how to go when it comes to projecting him. He has a really good fastball and curve….however I dont know if he will develop a 3rd pitch to help him become a pitcher who wont constantly need 100 pitches to get through the 5th inning each start! Folty is kind of in the same boat. Imagine if during 2018 things click for both Newcomb and Folty?

I’d rather see The Braves use the payroll flexibility once The 2018 Season ends to get a couple of bats in Free Agency…where we can keep all of our pitching prospects.

Paul, why are you so for punting 2018 before game one has even begun? You’ve got six or seven teams in various states of a rebuild, and only four teams (LA, STL, CHI & WAS) probably locked into playoff spots. The Braves could separate themselves from the Mets, Diamondbacks, Rockies and Giants by making some moves.

I’m not as high on the Brewers OF as I am Yelich, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Braves pull the trigger on Santana if the price is right. Really, so long as they stay away from Broxton or Perez, I’d be happy.

Preston Tucker, Lane Adams and Nick Markakis is about as bad an OF as you could possibly trot out to start the season. Frankly, the idea already makes me miss Matt Kemp. Who protects Freddie in the order, especially if you’re going to hit Acuna 2nd?

I also don’t want to see every single veteran pitcher traded. It’d be nice if we could go back to the time when baseball teams actually tried to win, and compete… and everything wasn’t a five year plan. I mean I can’t tell my boss I have a five year process in place to guarantee success, so let’s just not really worry about doing anything today, okay? Lol.

King…if The Braves take your approach (try to piece together a team that can compete for a playoff spot in 2018)…then where does that put us going into 2019 when it comes to our Starting Pitching? If The Braves are competing for The Wild Card come late July…I would assume that they are keeping the veteran starting pitchers (meaning that Soroka, Allard and Wright WILL NOT be getting ‘their feet wet’ during a pennant race).

I really would not want to see The Braves go into The 2019 Season WITHOUT having an idea of what they have, at The MLB Level, when it comes to Soroka, Allard and Wright. Think about it….with just 5 MLB starts to end 2017, Gohara made a HELLA IMPRESSION on Braves Management/Fans. It was easy to basically pencil in/have some hope that Gohara could be in line to have a decent 2018 Season. While I’m high on Soroka, Allard and Wright….it would be TOUGH to realistically count on all three as being anywhere close to what we think Gohara is going to be in 2018 WITHOUT seeing any of them pitch in Atlanta during The 2018 Season. Those 3 getting starts come August-September in Atlanta will help them come 2019!

Dude, it’s just one season. It isnt like it’s ‘a wasted season’! This season will play A HUGE ROLE in the laying the groundwork for what I hope/expect to be the beginning of long term success starting in 2019!

Hypothetically, let’s say the Braves trade for Santana. I can’t see him costing any of the “elite” three SP the Braves have. So the batting order is instantly better. Enough to nab a WC? Maybe.

Let’s say it is though, and we’re keeping all our veteran starters (which McCarthy and Folty are the two I most want to keep, but…), there’s still ways you can work Sororka, Allard and Wright in. If they’re ready, let them relieve a bit. It’d be, arguably, a better way to manage their innings anyway.

I don’t believe what they do, or don’t do, in small sample sizes, will drastically affect plans for ’19, anyway. I’d imagine the Braves go into that season counting on filling at least two rotation spots with some combo of them.

Yes, it’s just one season. However, you have to strike when you can. The Nats shutdown Strasburg, figuring it was just one season… and may never win a title with their core. The Mets, with all that young pitching they had, haven’t been dominant like expected. Even our own beloved Braves of the 90s, with all of that great pitching, only won one title.

I’m not saying if the Braves trade for Santana, or any OF, that they’re WS favorites on paper… that’d be ludicrous. But if you can just earn a WC, who knows what happens, right?

King..unless something ‘miraculous’ happens, The Braves ARE NOT going to win The Division (however, I do see a possibility, however remote, of us possibly getting a lucky Wild Card spot).

Still, a Wild Card berth involves A ONE GAME CRAPSHOT! If we can get in WITHOUT sacrificing any of our Top 10 prospects OR sacrificing any of our 2019 payroll flexibility….then sure, I would be down for rooting for some lucky 2018 playoff run.

However barring that….I have no problem with enjoying the progress of our high ceiling young players..while anticipating what moves AA is going to make when The 2018 Free Agent Offseason arrives..as well as whatever trades he makes at The Trade Deadline that involves DUMPING the few veterans we have that will play NO PART in our future!

“If The Braves are competing for The Wild Card come late July…I would assume that they are keeping the veteran starting pitchers (meaning that Soroka, Allard and Wright WILL NOT be getting ‘their feet wet’ during a pennant race).”

I think this is where your assumption is incorrect on multiple levels.

First, you are assuming there are veteran starting pitchers added in the attempt to make a run in 2018. I’m not certain anyone–at least not here–has ever claimed veterans absolutely need to be added. Some insurance, if the price is minimal, wouldn’t be turned down, because you can never, ever have enough pitching, but I don’t think adding veterans is entirely necessary for the team to do to simply be in the playoff conversation in 2018.

Second, your assumption that guys like Soroka, Allard, Wright, etc would not get “their feet wet” in a playoff race is a rather uninformed postulation for two main reasons. The first is referenced in the first paragraph. You can never have enough pitching. Seasons like the one the Indians had where their starters all managed to stay healthy and effective are few and far between, and to expect everyone of our starters, young or not, to remain both healthy and effective is folly. Just by normal or even stupid circumstance, you are going to need to start tapping into that depth. If we’re lucky, that only means asking bigger workloads of Lucas Sims and Max Fried. The chances that we’ll be FORCED to call upon Soroka, Allard and maybe even Wright before they are even ready to contribute is already high. Second, let’s say everyone does manage to stay healthy enough that the first scenario of circumstance does not force the Braves hand. Soroka, Allard and Wright all have outstanding seasons (another potential road block, as that’s far from a given) and are ready for call ups in August. Either injuries will have dented the armor and there will be spots for them, or the young rotation would have logged so many innings by now that some will either need spot starts to maintain innings workloads or a replacement altogether to be shifted to bullpen work.

Heck, throw a third reason in for free while I’m at it. Let’s say the rotation miraculously doesn’t need their assistance by the end of the season and to heck with inning workloads because let’s let Gohara and Newcomb pitch their hearts out and their arms off into the ground early in their careers. Everything’s going amazingly as starters go. By the time we reach August and September, that bullpen is bound to be worn down, dragged through the dirt and beleaguered, because even with the best rotation projections, we don’t really project to have an innings eater to just go out there and take one for the team. The need and demand will be great enough to make the call for some of these kids to work out of the bullpen.

And before you go ahead and say that working them out of the bullpen doesn’t count, or that it’ll ruin their development or that it’d be a waste. Let me remind you that some really solid or even great pitchers began getting their first chance as relievers. Wainwright comes to mind, as well as Johan Santana. Probably the two most notable, and well…if we could get anywhere near a Wainwright-esque or Johan-like run out of Soroka, Wright and/or Allard, I’d say who gives a crap how they debuted?

Point is…either they’ll be forced into action….or they’ll break down the door no matter what. They’ll be ready when they are ready and they will be given a proper chance when they are. It’s not like we’re the ’90s Braves or anything with 5 full rotation spots and studs already pitching in relief.

Bryce……you made some valid points. I see a possibility where things ‘could’ progress precisely how this last post of yours suggested.

I guess I’m more focused on trying to seeing The Braves do the smart thing and plan for 2019 as being the 1st year we try to ‘really push’ for being in playoff contention. If a playoff push happens a year early in 2018, it isnt like I’m going to ‘root against us’. I just dont want to see it come at the expense of having a stronger team in 2019 (which I feel we would IF we made moves that were geared towards giving our young prospects as much playing time as possible in 2018).

If AA was going to try and add significant pieces in 2018..he would not have made The Matt Kemp Trade (as constructed). He took on basically too much ‘dead’ payroll in 2018 (which would only make sense IF our GM wanted to clear payroll for a more aggressive push in 2019).

How about making a thread that ponders the following: How to build a Wild Card contending team in 2018…that does not sacrifice payroll flexibility in for The 2019 Season NOR involve trading away ANY of our Top 10 Prospects?

Actually, that is exactly what we have all been talking about – making a few moves to contend this year that don’t impact the future. Even if the Braves do something like signing Todd Frazier and Carlos Gomez (Gokakis and Flozuki, a pair of winning combinations), it wouldn’t impact next year. If we traded Anderson, Pache, and Muller for Yelich, it wouldn’t impact next year or the future (except make the future stronger because Yelich is not aone year deal). Talking Chop (or someone maybe Call to the Pen) has already posted an article about trading for Phillips which would be another good move that makes both the current and the future better. I’d be all for tading for Brett Phillips and JD Davis from Houston to solve both the OF and 3B situation for next year. I agree with both Bryce and King in thinking that we need to make a push to contend this year considering the team is so close right now to being competitive. Further, if you want to sign Greg Maddux as a FA then getting to the WS in 1991 helps to do that an awful lot (especially that the Cubs were a good but not great team at the time). I’m sure with Bryce that there will be plenty of opportunity to give the best SPs at AAA some time in the majors. Also, may be time to see what Tucker and Peterson have in the tank even if we do pick up Phillips. Camargo will play plenty even if we sign Frazier (and provides insurance against Dansby although everyone thinks Camargo is going to regress). This team already has 84-85 win potential; adding just a couple of WAR at the weak spots. Fangraphs is projecting Nats, Cubs, Dodgers for division and Cards for WC1. No one else is any better than the Braves are right now potentially. The Wild Card is not just a crapshoot. It’s a game that has to be played by two teams of which one will actually win. You can’t win of you don’t play. The most disheartening thing about last year’s team was watching the bullpen blow so many games. The bullpen is greatly improved and I think watching a winner is better than watching a lovable loser with a bunch of kids in over their head.

Another point that never seems to get mentioned around here is that even with the orgs best prospects, Mississippi was not a very good team. Neither was Gwinnett. These guys are not a sure path to winning. An organization has to put its best product on the field every year. Sometimes that product’s not very good like the last three years for the Braves. But this team has real promise right now. Doing nothing to win now would be criminally negligent. A total waste of $110M. In fact, if you look at the salary graph in Syzmborski’s article keeping payroll down has not been a priority nor an impediment every season. The Braves have a little money left to spend this year and they should spend it.

Wouldn’t it be nifty if the Braves could trade for Brett Phillips and Travis Shaw? That would be quite the coup and probably cheaper than Yelich/Realmuto.

I like the idea of acquiring Yelich much more than any of the Brewers OFs individually… but as a package, I dig the idea of acquiring Shaw and Phillips over the Yelich and Realmuto combo, or Shaw and Santana even more. As Ryan said, it’ll probably be far cheaper. Plus catcher isn’t really a NEED the way 3B is. If Ian Anderson could headline a deal like that, the Braves would be in a fantastic spot.

I’d deal Tehran in a minute for that package, if I were the GM. I’d hate to see Folty dealt though, but I reckon I could live with it. Do you think Tehran plus a second tier pitching prospect would get it done, Ryan? Or do you think it’d take more? It feels like with their glut of OF depth, one would be expendable. Shaw seems like a guy that might take some prying, however.

I can live with a package including Teheran/Anderson/etc… for Phillips/Shaw (I like Phillips better because Santana seems like Kemp-redux only somewhat younger but still bad defense). I am much higher on Fried than others seem to be after seeing what he did in the AFL. A rotation of McCarthy, Folty, Gohara, Newcomb, and Fried would not be worse than having Teheran over Fried, IMHO. With depth at AAA (Allard/Soroka) and some other arms at the majors (Sims/Kazmir), Teheran is a valuable trade chip that doesn’t change the equation this year or subsequent years.

Not sure what you mean by “new topic”. It seems like this topic is a better possibility than ever. The Braves should be all over Phillips. With Yelich, Cain, and Braun in the OF (note: Thames is the DH), Phillips, Santana, Broxton, and Hernon are all expendable. Phillips is Yelich-lite. Sure would like to see the Braves go after Phillips/Shaw. Unfortunately, I think the Brewers would ask for Riley. So I’d be perfectly happy with Phillips. I think Teheran is too much for a one-for-one – not sure what else the Brewers have that’s worth anything. Maybe the Brewers would go for Teheran/Anderson/Ruiz/low level top 30 pitcher for Phillips and Shaw.

Brandon McCarthy would be a perfect fit for The Brewers to trade for their rotation. Perhaps a trade of McCarthy and Kazmir…for Phillips would work for The Braves and Brewers. McCarthy would be their #3-#4 starter…while Kazmir could be a lefty specialist/spot starter out of the bullpen. Of course, Phillips would fill a need for The Braves in left (however Markakis would have to be traded to open a spot for Phillips because Acuna is coming up by late April).

I have ZERO INTEREST in seeing The Braves trade any of our young pitching prospects for Phillips (or any of The Brewers surplus of outfielders). If they were ‘all that’..The Brewers would not have traded for Yelich AND signed Cain (also, The Marlins would have included them in The Yelich Trade..given that they have to replace their WHOLE outfield because of the trades this offseason).

Trading McCarthy and Kazmir for Phillips…would not only free up a rotation spot (probably for Sims or Fried…because I still want Soroka, Allard and Wright to get another 1/2 year of seasoning in The Minors before being promoted to Atlanta)..but also free up payroll dollars to sign someone like Frazier or Moustakis to a pricey 1 year deal (to keep our payroll flexibility going into The 2018 Free Agent Offseason).

$26 mil (McCarthy $10 mil, Kazmir $16 mil) would seem a little pricey to upgrade their rotation/bullpen (perhaps The Braves can throw around $5-$6 mil to ‘soften’ the blow)….however it’s only for 1 year (allowing The Brewers to go in a different direction after only 1 year IF things dont work out with those 2).

I’ve heard talk about The Braves being a sleeper team in signing JD Martinez. Sure, he would provide a bat to hit behind Freeman. However I just dont see him aging well once he hits 34-35 years old (all things being equal…Martinez would sign with Boston UNLESS The Braves OVERWHELM Martinez by offering him something STUPID like 7 years/$180-$200 mil).

Regardless, I dont see The Braves trading for Phillips or any outfielder from The Brewers..UNLESS they are also able to unload Markakis. With Markakis being a Free Agent after 2018, perhaps The Braves could get lucky and see Markakis have a really nice ‘walk year’ (it’s happened a number of times in the past with free agents-to-be)!

I’m just happy we didnt blow through our prospects for Yelich! When all is said and done…The Braves simply have TOO MANY QUESTIONS going into The 2018 Season…to be making ‘pipe dream-like trades’ involving our high ceiling pitching prospects! It looks like our GM, AA, agrees with me!

I’ve been right all winter:

1. I stated that if we were to trade Kemp..we WOULD NOT be attaching any of our good prospects to ‘entice/offset’ what he is owed.

2. I stated that NEITHER Dustin Peterson, Travis Demeritte NOR Tyler Pike would be selected in The Rule 5 Draft.

3. I stated that The Braves SHOULD NOT be sacrificing our pitching prospects for Yelich!

The TC Clowns for the past month have been making POST AFTER POST about how each of them would be ok with giving up a package that would resembling The Marlins picking 2 of Gohara, Soroka, Allard, Wright…AND picking two from Wentz, Anderson, Wilson, Tousiant…AND Pache…for Yelich!

Really? Two potentially TOR prospects….Two #3/#4 type starting pitchers..and Pache (a potential Inciarte replacement)? Those Clowns basically kept saying that we need Yelich to form an All-Star Outfield for the next 5-6 years..that you have to start trading prospects before they start losing their value!

I’m not some 20 year old whose only been watching/following MLB for a few years. I know the difference between being ‘a homer’..and seeing something potentially SPECIAL! When Coppy started The Braves Rebuild after The 2014 Season with his own “Sell-Off”…I could tell by our looking at our Prospect List that we were in DEEP TROUBLE. Lucas Sims was the best pitching prospect we had..and I simply didnt see anything that stood out about him that made me think “Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz” (behind him were BUMS like Hursh, JR Graham and Sean Gilmartin)! What we have now….is LIGHT YEARS better!

I’ll say this once again….just wait ONE MORE YEAR! A lot of questions will be answered! Other than Patrick Weigel..most of our pitching prospects made progress in 2017. A few like Gohara jumped significantly. I feel that 2018 could see more than a few who are likely candidates to be ‘fast risers’ in our System.

Better yet, what if Christian Pache pulls an Acuna (seemingly come from Low Class A and be where Acuna currently is one year from now)? Didnt Austin Riley also surprise people? Ozzie Albies went from being hurt in Spring Training 2017 to showing in 200 MLB at-bats that he might be an ALL-Star 2nd baseman candidate for the next 10 years. I feel my optimism for 2018 when it comes to our prospects progressing is justified.

Rodger I enjoy your comments. I agree getting Phillp’s and Shaw would be amazing. Something like Tehran and McCarthy maybe…..I’d like both to start the year well and then trade them—that’s my hope for kaz as well. That would be an amazing outfield. Infield wouldn’t be bad either. I’d throw anderson in as well.

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