Braves Armchair GMs, Part 5

Braves Armchair GMs, Part 5

In our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pieces for Armchair GMs, we heard from a lot of people on Braves Trade ideas including a very thorough Will Soprano who enticed, or infuriated, us with a trade of ultimate magnitude. Then we heard from Armchair GMs in J.T. Hornbuckle (Twitter: @jthornbuckle) and Aubrey Smith (Twitter: @braveslive16)who have different ideas on what the 2018 Braves might look like. Next, we heard from Tyler Wilson (@BravesTwills) who proposes a fairly large package of players to a team that is very familiar with the Braves system. Last, we heard from Wesley Gaier (@gaier_wesley) with a lot of plans (sounds like Coppy, huh?) and had a few directions of which this offseason could go.

In our final installment for the Braves Armchair GM piece, we hear from a collection of ne’er do wells to spark our curiosity one more time.  Thanks for all the submissions and keep brainstorming on how to make our Braves a better club!

Atlanta Braves Trade Ideas…Here we go!


Braves Armchair Manager, Snits Tan Jacket (@anch1970)

The Braves are almost ready for the next step. Ronald Acuna is on the way and we have two aging fossils manning the corner outfield positions. Most think we would want to shed the contracts of both Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis and I agree. Kemp seems to be the hardest to move. So my proposal:

The Trade

Marlins get Matt Kemp, Joey Wentz, Travis Demeritte and Touki Touissant

Jeff Morris | Follow on Twitter @JeffMorrisAB

Braves get Giancarlo Stanton

Why it works for the Braves

An outfield of Stanton, Acuna and Ender Inciarte for the next 5 years makes my mouth water. We can also absorb Stanton’s contract with all the young, cheap players coming up in waves for years to come. Here soon Stanton’s contract will actually look pretty good when the likes of 400 million plus will become routine.

Why it works for the Marlins

Well they save about 5 million this year. Kemp’s salary will be 21.5 Million and then are completely where they want to be. They also get 3 decent to spectacular prospects to start their rebuild.


Braves Armchair Manager, Brook Petersen (@BrookPetersen)

I have one off the top that’s been in my head for awhile…

The Trade

Blue Jays get Rio Ruiz, Max Fried, Corbin Clouse and Kyle Muller

Braves get Josh Donaldson

Why it works for the Braves

This makes sense even before the hiring of AA. We need a power bat at the hot corner and gold glove caliber defense as well! Plus depending on how Riley progresses this year, we look into extending JD.

Why it works for the Blue Jays

The Jays have Guerrero to man 3rd base in the future and Ruiz could man that spot for 1 year while he’s spending his last year in the minors. As well the Jays lack pitching depth in the minors so Fried and Muller are huge additions as well as a nice bullpen piece in Clouse which they need badly! Yes we are paying a heavy price for potentially one year of JD but if Braves are sold on Riley in Triple A tearing it up by mid season and if JD isn’t either lights out or Braves aren’t in playoff picture then we can still flip him at the deadline to a contender and get a nice haul back! Trade is balanced and fair for both teams.

*Brook also had another proposal of which the Braves would go all-in for 2018. Rather than posting here, I invite Brook to share the idea in the comments section.

Braves Armchair GM, BS (@WCSanders3)

Here’s an idea:

The Trade

Indians get Matt Adams

Braves get RHP Nick Goody.

Why it works for the Braves

Braves don’t have much of a use for Adams, who seems to thrive with regular playing time as a 1B/DH and would be better suited for the American League.

Why it works for the Indians

They are expected to lose 1B Carlos Santana to free agency. Goody is 26 and pre-arbitration, so he’s under control for the next six seasons.


While it might give the Braves flashbacks to the Cameron Maybin for Ian Krol swap, it’s a risk worth taking for a young, controllable power arm for the back end of the bullpen.

Braves Armchair GM, Andy Simms @chattanoogarage

OK, this is gonna get a little crazy, but what about…

The Trade

Detroit gets Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis, and Julio Teheran

Braves get Jordan Zimmerman and prospects.

Why it works for the Braves

Zimmerman comes back to the NL East where he had his last measure of real success.

Why it works for the Tigers

Detroit unburdens itself of the remaining $74M on his contract and picks up $42M and an upgrade to their DH in Kemp. Markakis plugs into LF for a season and buys them time for Michael Gerber to prove ready to take over. Teheran is the key to the deal since he slides into their rotation for considerably less $.


That’s all she wrote, Folks!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series and it’s helped pass the time of a SLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWW offseason for MLB.  Let’s hear your thoughts on these trades. Which one is your favorite? Which one did you not like?


Go Braves!


I’ll try to keep this in one post with quick replies since I’m at work.

STJ: Stanton for Kemp/Wentz/Demeritte/Touissaint.
— I recall seeing similar thoughts in past posts about armchair GM’ing here on WOW and I said the same thing back then, but I feel Matt Kemp is a conversation killer in this scenario. The Marlins, at the moment, want both substantial salary relief AND premium prospects. This offer, whilst including a little bit of both, falls a pretty far distance short, IMO. Demeritte isn’t much of a value piece as a back-end throw in on this deal and Touissaint, while a good piece of the package is just as much a wild card/lottery ticket as Demeritte. Personally do not think the Marlins will relinquish Stanton for as little as Wentz/Travis D/Touki AND take on Kemp’s remaining salary. There’s just not enough in it for them. Braves should absolutely do this if it’s on the table, but the Marlins shouldn’t.

Brook P: Donaldson for Ruiz/Fried/Clouse/Muller
— About a month ago, the Jays probably laugh this offer out of the building. However, after a stellar AFL showing, I think Fried makes this offer relevant. I imagine it may be close to what it takes to get a Donaldson deal done, but the problem becomes the fact that Donaldson is only retainable for one season before he reaches free agency. You’ve noted we have Riley in the wings and that the team could look into extending Donaldson if Austin does not progress, but I think that’s too peachy of a view over this situation. There are too many ‘what ifs’ for me to get on board with this. What if Donaldson has a monster year and prices himself out of Atlanta? What if Donaldson sucks so hard that we just don’t want him? What happens if you manage to sign Donaldson either way and then he Dan Uggla’s it all up and becomes a financial burden? I know it’s all relatively negative thoughts, but they need to be considered when thinking about this deal. On top of all that, Plan A is basically suggesting paying up a premium price for a rental with the intent of letting him leave a year later because we have a prospect coming up. That’s not a wise allocation of resources, IMO. If you’re going to grab a rental to wait for Riley, grab a more affordable one like Chase Headley, play out the 2018 season and then move on to Riley. If the idea is not to wait for Riley, make the trade and then suggest an immediate extension to put to bed all doubts about Donaldson’s future with the organization.

BS: Matt Adams for Nick Goody
— I love this idea, mainly because I almost suggested it to Thomas myself in the current iteration of my offseason rosterbations. However, there is one problem I encounter when thinking about an Adams for Goody trade. As you’ve noted, Goody is young, prearb and he’s really quite good. That holds A LOT of value. The Indians probably won’t trade him for a platoon 1B rental. Especially with guys like Cody Allen and Andrew Miller set to hit free agency within the next few years. While Cleveland is a solid potential destination for Adams, I think a more reasonable target in their bullpen is Zach McAllister–a rental in his own right. It’s a much more fair price for the Indians to sacrifice to obtain a stopgap. The only problem….is that teams are simply going to wait out the market on 1B’s. Our hand is going to be forced one way or another. The Braves have to have a plan in place to keep and play Adams if they are to tender him and seek a trade further into the winter. Otherwise, we’ll see Adams hit the open market as a non-tender within a week’s time.

Andy Simms: Kemp/Marakis/Teheran for Zimmermann/Prospects
— Wow. No. No way the Braves should do this. I’m sorry if that is just blatantly rude, but this is a bad trade concept for the Atlanta Braves on a lot of levels. I see your reasoning as to why the Braves should, but the reasoning for it for the Braves perspective is incredibly weak. We are basically taking on more money, a pitcher with less hope of rebound and salary dumping Julio Teheran as part of the trade. Before anyone claims it depends on the prospects coming to Atlanta from Detroit, let me point out the reason the Tigers are rebuilding is because they don’t have good prospects left in their system. Yeah, I could go on, but I don’t think I will before this post gets way too long. Just a no go on this one.

Bryce S…..FOR ONCE, I think (perhaps I need to ‘re-read’ your post again, lol) I agree with virtually EVERYTHING you posted regarding those 4 trade proposals, lol! If I had read your comment 1st (instead of posting my individual takes on those proposed trades) I probably wouldnt have made those three posts (it mirrors a lot of what you stated, I just was ‘a little more’ longwinded about it, lol)!

I know that a lot of people ‘say’ that they want ‘feedback’ on their trade proposals. However just like in life when dealing with people in real-life…I think that these posters really want to be agreed with and told how ‘great’ their proposals are (no different than how most people who sing in the shower really believe that they could ‘make it’ on American Idol, lol). We live in a delusional world.

I’ve yet to come across a ‘big’ trade that makes sense FOR BOTH TEAMS involved. Either they heavily favored The Braves (like The Stanton Trade) or they favored the other team (like the Donaldson and Zimmerman trades…ironic since I thought these were supposed to be trades that ‘helped’ The Braves, lol).

Snits Tan Jacket…FINALLY, I come across a Matt Kemp trade that I would actually SUPPORT! Giving up Kemp (along with Wentz, TD and Tooki) for Stanton….sign me up!

HOWEVER…there is NO WAY that The Marlins would agree with this trade. Sure, The Marlins are looking to cut payroll…however if you look at the numbers throughout the next 10 years…Stanton’s contact actually isnt that bad. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado both will exceed the yearly average of Stanton’s contract. Also, if they kept Stanton, he would likely opt out after 2020 (unless he got hurt). By taking on the $37 mil owed to Kemp, the Marlins would only be saving $38 mil (while getting an injury-prone/bad fielding power hitter in Kemp who is better off in The AL) while only getting two pitching prospects (Wentz and Tooki) with a decent upside…and a lottery ticket-like power hitter (TD) with huge holes in his swing.

Now if The Braves were to take Stanton without including Kemp in this trade..then I see The Marlins making this trade. However, I just dont see The Fish agreeing to take Kemp back (remember, unless Stanton gets hurt, he’s opting out if he’s still with The Marlins…and may well opt out if he gets traded and produces, because he’ll command over $30 mil a year as a Free Agent in 2020).

The Fish want to cut payroll..while adding a few prospects (two legit pitching prospects and a lottery ticket-like power hitter sounds reasonable). Again, I like your trade from The Braves perspective….however I’m a realist..I dont see The Fish agreeing to it!

Brook Petersen….while none of the arms that you’re giving up in this trade (Fried, Muller, Clouse) are TOR type pitchers (Ruiz is a throw-in), I dont like this trade because: 1. Donaldson is a one year rental on the wrong side of 30. 2. While I’m not that ‘hurt’ with the International Market Players we lost last week…it did hurt as far as ‘trade depth’. I’m not opposed to trading ‘2nd tier-type prospects’…but the return has to be MUCH BETTER than a 1 year rental in a non-playoff contending year!

Fried will either be, at best, a 5th starter in a VERY TALENTED Braves rotation by 2020….or evolve into an Andrew Miller-like role in The Braves Bullpen..or end up being trade bait!

Muller….while reports have been good about him in the lower levels of The Minors, at this point, he’s either a fallback should someone among the likes of Gohara, Soraka, Allard, Wentz and Bryce Wilson (not to mention Tousiant and Weigel…along with Sean Newcomb, who, if he can develop a 3rd pitch to get hitters out when he’s having to go through the batting order a 3rd/4th time, could push one of the 5 I feel will be Atlanta’s Starting 5 come 2020)….or trade bait (I have no info regarding what kind of reliever Muller could be if he were to transition to the bullpen).

Corbin Clouse, from what I’ve read/followed, has a LIVE Bullpen arm that can induce a lot of swing and miss swings! Cheap/young bullpen arms who are highly effective do not grow on trees!

I assume that you’d want The Braves to sign Donaldson to a long term extension should we trade for him. I’d rather see The Braves go after A MUCH YOUNGER Manny Machado after The 2018 Season in Free Agency and offer him more money…than give up prospects AND long term money to a 3rd baseman on the wrong side of 30 (like Donaldson is).

While I have ‘no opinion’ on the proposed Matt Adams to Cleveland for the lottery-ticket type young bullpen that was proposed (whether Adams stays or plays with The Braves in 2018 will not affect The Braves future long term in any way)….I have no choice but to say that I want NO PART of Andy Simms’ trade for Jordan Zimmerman!

Zimmerman, at this point, hasnt given me any reason to believe that he has any chance to be a decent MLB pitcher (after the injuries he suffered) from here on out. He has ZERO trade value (while Julio Teheran has trade value, especially if he posts a rebound year in 2018. Solid starting pitchers who are only owed $23 mil for the 2019-20 seasons (when he’ll be 28-29 years old with his track record), given all the money that will be THROWN at Starting Pitchers (some of whom are ‘garbage pitchers’, lol) during the next two Free Agent Classes….will bring back a nice prospect package!

Instead of owing Kemp $37 mil and Markakis $10.5 mil (I dont look at Teheran’s contract as being anywhere close to being ‘bad’)…we’d be responsible for Zimmerman’s $74 mil/3 year deal!

Let’s suppose that Zimmerman turns out to be a ‘decent’ pitcher the next three years. He’d be taking up $25 mil each in 2019 and 2020 (the $24 mil owed to him in 2018 is a non-factor because we’re not expected to contend for a playoff spot)…significant money for a non-superstar on a team that has playoff hopes starting in 2019!

Also, Zimmerman would be taking up a spot that could be going to one of our highly touted prospects (I fully expect our young Starting 5, by Opening Day of 2020, to be 1. Mike Soraka. 2. Luis Gohara. 3. Kolby Allard. 4. Kyle Wright. 5. Bryce Wilson/Joey Wentz (with the likes of Patrick Weigel, Tooki Tousiant, Kyle Muller..and even Sean Newcomb and Max Fried…pushing for a spot themselves in the rotation).

It is POTENTIALLY SICK (in a good way) on how GREAT our rotation could end up being when all is said and done! Trading for Zimmerman? No dice, lol!

Re: Donaldson for arms

Why should Braves sell potential for one year rent? We have to many question marks to “go for it” in 2018. And extending Donaldson’s contract screams “Uggla”.

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