Crowdsourcing: How to get Shohei Otani in a Braves Uniform

Crowdsourcing: How to get Shohei Otani in a Braves Uniform


Shohei Otani…Ohtani…Otani…Oh forget about it. Apparently it doesn’t matter how you spell. Wait…where am I? What were we talking about? Oh yeah…Otani is coming to the bigs! There are still some hoops to jump through but it now looks as though he’ll definitely be in the Major Leagues come 2018 and sincImage resulte there aren’t many teams that can sign him for more than 1 million, the floor is really wide open to most of the 30 teams, assuming each team would want such a player.

This is new territory for MLB. I’m not sure anything like this has ever happened. In Ohtani, we have a player that is elite both offensively and on the mound, can be had for essentially 6 years for pennies on the dollar (after the “posting fee”), and hasn’t really shown a strong interest to any particular club yet. Therefore, I’m sure how a team plans on using him could very well determine where he wants to go.

But What does Otani Want?

We already know he wants to continue to hit and pitch regularly, so it seems like an AL team might have the upper hand as he could be a regular DH and pitch every 5th inning. However, my pipedream would be for Otani to comes to an NL club, be the regular left-fielder or 1st baseman, and then come on to close in the 9th inning. That would be so frickin’ cool!

But enough of what I want. What does Ohtani want? How can the Braves entice Otani to come join their organization? I haven’t the slightest, so when I’m stumped, I go to Twitter and other outlets to gauge the brains of others. Hold on to your buttcheeks, ladies and gents, because with all these brainiacs out there, how could Ohtani resist?

Ideas on how Braves can entice Shohei Otani to join the Org!

Look, we are still rolling with the Braves Way of things here at Walkoff Walk. WE ARE A GOLD STANDARD BLOG AND TAKE OURSELVES VERY SERIOUSLY. We’re not here for your snark or sarcasm so beat it. Currently there’s no one in charge here and if you have a complaint, you’ll have to file it with our secretary which can be found under there behind that. Back to business.  We really want Ohtani here therefore we’ve collected the best ideas from the brightest minds out there in hopes that Otani will take to our ideas and choose the Braves over the other 29 Bronze (at best) organizations.

Let’s hear them!

Room? Board? We got you!

Need help adjusting to American life, Otani?


Kawakami who?

Fly Delta much?

Hey, you hanging up Hart’s coat! Get over here!

Friends? Comfort? We got you!

Need to put on a few pounds and build a doghouse?

We’re not that confident…

Dansbae on the brain? Happens to everybody.

Double Down?

All day, every day, The Braves Way!

Good track record!

The Drew Waters Special!

Know this little nugget?

Jack of all trades?

If you are not scared yet, you will be!

Perks and more Perks!

You can trade yourself!

We don’t need no stinkin’ bosses!

From Edward over at Braves Journal:

Hate those pesky general managers always bothering you about money when you’re trying to relax? Atlanta is committed to a completely GM-free experience.”

Never again

Never again! Well…now we mean it!



YOU’RE the BOSS!!!


Yu da man?

From Stephen (@b_outliers) via PM: “You like traffic?”


What’s in a name?

From cph over at Braves Journal:

I would happily rename the team the Atlanta Ham Fighters in his honor.


Now that you know we at Walkoff Walk and all of us in Braves Fam are willing to go the extra mile to make you smile a bit, wanna come play for our team?  WE HOPE SO!

Go Braves!

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