Hey Brandon, how ’bout a Retrospective Thank You?

Hey Brandon, how ’bout a Retrospective Thank You?

Last week, the Braves, prompted by a promotion of Ozzie Albies to the bigs to become the everyday 2nd baseman, asked Brandon Phillips if he’d slide over to the hot corner to make room for the rookie. Needless to say the veteran was not happy when informed of the decision and made that known by silence.  Here’s the story, paraphrased by me and told by Jim Powell of Braves radio (read from bottom to top):

Most Twitterers that watch Braves games on a regular basis have noticed that BP’s normal smile and “love for the game” hasn’t been as present lately, and rightfully so.  He was traded away from the team he’d spent 11 years manning 2nd base after they informed him that he would be replaced by Jose Peraza. Fast forward 1/2 a year, and it essentially happened again, but with an alternate ultimatum: play 3B or ride the pine. It’s a hard pill to swallow especially in the midst of a pretty good season, but whether it be willingly or out of spite, he accepted the challenge and the transition is going about as well as could have been expected.

Watching Brandon over at 3B, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that in the 54 inning sample size his play has been something to behold.

  • Line drives are being snagged.
  • Balls down the line are gloved.
  • Tricky hops are no match.
  • And most surprisingly, the arm is playing.
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He’s not just passing the eye test as his +2 Defensive Runs Saved tell the same tale.

Phillips has always had remarkable hands, but with age, his range has naturally deteriorated. The rest of the skills are omnipresent which makes the move to 3rd seem unintentionally intelligent. With this being said, hopefully Brandon can see a blessing in disguise and realize what has just transpired. In a day where MLB teams are looking for more and more positional flexibility, the pure truth that has just happened is the Braves have made Phillips more desirable right before he enters free agency.

So Brandon, when a team gives you a 2 year/20 million dollar deal to be a swing-man between 2nd and 3rd, giving you ample rest and 100-120 starts a year, a tip of the cap to the Braves would be nice because sometimes a true blessing is one that cannot be see by our own eyes but by others.


When the Braves were having their best winning spurt, BP was often the cause: the team seemed to play very well off his leadership, spark, flashy fidldjng and very yimely bat. From a pure fan standpoint, he's been the most fun to watch virtually all season. In a year when Freddie has been dogged by injury, Brandon has arguably been the team's MVP. Will miss him next year.

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