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This Week at

Here’s a list of articles I wrote this week at my other blog, AtlantaBraves.About.Com. All article links open to a new tab/window.

5 for Monday: Trades, the Hall of Fame, and more
-Weekly review article focuses on the chances of trading either Michael Bourn or Nick Swisher, the Hall of Fame chances of ex-Braves, looking back at the Cameron Maybin deal, and more.

Ken Griffey Jr.: The Almost Brave
-If you are a Braves fan, you remember the many times Ken Griffey Jr. seemed like a future Brave. It goes all the way back to before Junior became a Red and hit a boiling point after the 2008 season. But no matter how close he came, he never joined the Braves. Relive the rumors.

KJ Re-Braves – Again!
-Another year, another year for my mancrush, Kelly Johnson. Here is a look at what KJ for the Braves in 2016 means.

Atlanta Braves Say Goodbye to Joey Terdoslavich
-For Lynchburg Hillcats fans during the Braves era, Joey Terdoslavich was one of the best players during the four years. His year was magical to witness. Unfortunately, none of the seasons that came after stood up to that level.

Who Are The Top 10 Teams in Atlanta Braves Franchise History (updated)
-My continued look at the top teams in franchise history focuses again on a pre-1900 club as the #7 team. The list so far has included 3 Boston teams and one Milwaukee club. That will change as we move forward in the list. Until then, enjoy the exploits of Kid Nichols, Vic Willis, and Hugh Duffy.

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