This Week At AtlantaBraves.About.Com

This Week At AtlantaBraves.About.Com

Been a bit of a slow week at my other blog as I am searching for ideas for articles. I think I have a few interesting ones that will start on Monday so maybe I can pump out 3 or more articles next week over there. In the meantime, here is the one that I posted last week.

New Front Office Member Once Tried to Send the Braves a Superstar

I’m a fan of alternate history views. Previously, I’ve talked about what I think would have happened had the Braves not dealt Yunel Escobar in 2010. Some months ago, I looked at how close the Braves were to acquiring Alex Rodriguez. This week, I looked at a pretty well-known story – how Barry Bonds nearly became a Brave right before the 1992 season.

This is interesting in a couple ways. The Braves would have tried to extend Bonds and if successful, would it have brought a World Series ring in 1992? Would the Braves have won more than one title during the 90’s? Would they have been able to sign Greg Maddux after the ’92 season?

And where would Braves lore be without Sid’s Slide? Remember, it was Bonds’ throw from left that didn’t catch Bream at the plate. Without Bonds, the Pirates don’t win the NL East that year. Speaking of that, the Montreal Expos were in second place at the end of the year. Would what have happened had they made the playoffs and beat the Braves, setting up an All-Canada Series?

But none of that happened and we may have just one man to blame/thank for that.

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