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In addition to my award-winning* posts here, I also write for and this week saw the publication of three new articles there. I have one ready for Monday so keep an eye open for that. As always, I would be indebted if you would click on the following links as page clicks there are kind of nice.

Braves Having No Regrets About Trading Heyward

Yeah, Shelby Miller‘s win-loss record is poor. It goes beyond just playing for a bad team when you are 5-10 with a 2.50 ERA. Miller has just been unlucky, but that hasn’t stopped the Braves from feeling like they made the right deal in sending Jason Heyward to the Cardinals. Regardless of what Tyrell Jenkins does – he’s been shut down for the season – Miller’s success and three more years of team control makes this deal a clear winner for the Braves…though depending on how the Cards finish October, they may also think of this deal as a winner.

The Top 5 Left-Handed Starters in Braves History

The Braves have two of the very best left-handed starters in history with Tom Glavine and, maybe the top southpaw, Warren Spahn. However, who else makes this list? Did Alex Wood do enough in his short time? How about Steve Avery? Suffice it to say, those not making this list include: Mike Hampton, Jo-Jo Reyes, and Chuck James.

Saturday Stats Pack

In this week’s major league companion to the minor league series I do here, I looked at a few fun or odd observations such as where the Braves rank all-time in players used this season, diving into Shelby Miller’s two-seamer, Andrelton Simmons‘ strikeout percentage in context, and how the Braves may need a strong finish from Mike Foltynewicz to avoid doing something they haven’t done since 2008.

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*My Mom awarded me “Best Little Blogger” award.

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