Catcher Remains an Open Position for the Braves

Catcher Remains an Open Position for the Braves

In my latest addition to the page I run, I put the spotlight on behind the plate. With Christian Bethancourt‘s struggles giving us nightly viewings of the A.J. Pierzynski Show, is it time to look elsewhere? If not, when is that time? In this article, I look directly at the recently signed Ryan Lavarnway. Within four games with Gwinnett, he had already powered a homer for a walk-off win. It wasn’t that long ago that Lavarnway looked like a real prospect with a “future starter” label attached to him. His struggles in the majors since then have took much of the shine away, but could he be on the rebound? With the Braves catchers hitting .246/.281/.367 on the season, I’d say Lavarnway deserves a shot as much as anyone.

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