A Couple of About.com Links

A Couple of About.com Links

Over the last two days, I’ve stayed active at the About.com page and posted a pair of articles.

Who is the Last Braves Position Player to Pitch?

By now, you probably saw David Ross take the mound Saturday for the Cubs. Of course, Ross was also one of the most beloved Braves of the last five years for what he brought on the field and to the clubhouse. Seeing Ross throw batting practice fastballs to major league players got me thinking about the last time a Braves position player was called upon to pitch. It’s happened in the minors, but the majors is another beast. Bobby Cox was not a fan of using position players as pitchers, but how many of us would love to see the velocity that had many teams interested in drafting Andrelton Simmons?

Week in Review (May 4-10)

It was a tough week that started decently with the Braves taking a series against the Phillies, but things quickly went bad in Washington as the Nationals whipped the Braves in one game and despite losing leads in each of the final two games of the series, it was the Nationals prevailing with big hits. It’s okay if you hate Bryce Harper. No one will blame you for it.

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