Ranking The Top 9 Outfielders in Franchise History

Ranking The Top 9 Outfielders in Franchise History

Over at About.com, I have added a new post that ranks the nine best outfielders in franchise history. Originally, I was going to do a Top 5 LF, CF, and RF, but considering so many played more than one outfield position, that proved a little difficult. Do I go by games played, by their best individual performance, by how I might remember them (if I do?). Ultimately, it became too much of a hassle. That led to Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, Andruw Jones, David Justice, and Rico Carty all being included on the same list.

Interestingly, had I updated this list after the upcoming season, the final player likely would have bumped off and Jason Heyward would have made it on the list. WAR loves Heyward for his remarkable defense so that should not be too surprising. With a completely new outfield in 2015, nobody’s even close now.

If you’re interested, please head on over to the About.com page and give it a read. Feel free to reach some other posts there and subscribe to the newsletter and/or newsfeed. Thanks!

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