Warren Spahn – Greatest Left-Handed Pitcher of All-Time? (About.com)

Warren Spahn – Greatest Left-Handed Pitcher of All-Time? (About.com)

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted the latest edition of my on-going series, Profiling the Braves. It was a lot of fun to write and maybe that is because Warren Spahn was the subject. Possibly the best left-handed pitcher the game has ever seen, Spahn was also an accomplished soldier in World War II, earning the right to be called the most decorate ballplayer of World War II. He also was a bit of a prankster, which might make Braves fans think of Greg Maddux. Spahnie tossed a pair of no-hitters and had a memorable 16 inning pitcher’s dual with Juan Marichel at the end of his career.

The article is long, but I only felt I skimmed over his incredible life both before and after his career and even during his long and productive time on the mound. Even more, you know you are having fun when you look at a word count and think “really? It didn’t feel like almost 1,800 words. Hope you give it a read.

Also, I posted yesterday’s Roster Beat, looking at the trio of rookies – Todd Cunningham, Jace Peterson, and Christian Bethancourt – that helped to lead the Braves to victory yesterday. Also, is Michael Foltynewicz‘s rotation prospects finished after another underwhelming start? For more on that, read the article.

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