Kimbrel’s 2015: How Rare of a Season Could It Be? (

Kimbrel’s 2015: How Rare of a Season Could It Be? (

Listen, I know Reds fans will disagree, but Craig Kimbrel is the best closer in baseball. I’m not even going to support that with numbers – it’s just a fact. Some argue that the Braves should trade Kimbrel if they are rebuilding (or remodeling (or retooling (or making up stuff as they go along))), but the Braves would need to have their socks blown off to make such a deal. As that is unlikely to happen, let’s look at Kimbrel’s 2015…most notably, will it be fairly quirky?

I investigate a couple of questions in today’s article for Would it be rare for Kimbrel to lead the league in saves for a last-place team? What’s an unusually high percentage of team wins to be saved by one player?

Also…I don’t think the Braves will finish last. I very clearly make my argument that they won’t in the article.

So please give it a read and follow me on twitter for more.

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