Braves Bullpen: Help Wanter (

Braves Bullpen: Help Wanter (

For a team that received a massive makeover, no single spot will look quite as different as the bullpen where only Craig Kimbrel and James Russell look like locks to open the year with the pen (and that might not be true…Russell is in the fifth starter mix).

In addition to the other locks, the Braves have at least two spots that players are vying for this spring. The names read out like some of the better pitchers of 2010, damaged goods, and guys with a fatal flaw. Will Arodys Vizcaino stay healthy long enough to show what he can really do? Can Luis Avilan rebound? Can veterans like Todd Coffey or Matt Capps somehow stave off retirement and become a functional major leaguer for the first time since 2012? Is Jose Veras an odds-on favorite? And what of the wild arms Michael Kohn or Juan Jaime? Is this the spring they finally put it together?
Options are a’plenty and the open bullpen slows are wide open for the taking. So, please give my article a read and feel free to comment below or on twitter with your thoughts.

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