A New Opportunity (for me)

A New Opportunity (for me)

I don’t often make posts with specific focus on me. Even when I do mention my history, I do so specifically in regards to a player, game, etc. That will be a little different in this post.

About a month ago, I accepted an opportunity to write for About.com with their new revamped sports section. The opportunity was too great for me personally. I am not trying to make blogging and analysis a career, but I do enjoy doing it. Now, you probably have visited About.com at some point for “how to change my lawn mower’s oil?” or something similar. It has been their bread-and-butter for years, but they are opening up things a bit for more current news and analysis.

The page just went live today and I hope you will give it a read. It’s going to be a slightly different voice than Walk-Off Walk, but I’m probably going to be the same know-it-all stathead.

Where does that leave this blog? Well, it will continue to be active. I’m not positive how I’m going to separate the two just yet. What I’m leaning toward is a higher degree of analysis and looking at prospects and ex-Braves with this blog while focusing more on quick analysis + general news with the About.com blog, but we’ll see how it works. I am still going to aim for on an average, seven articles a week, but it may be 4-5 here and 2-3 over at About.com. Anyway, I would really appreciate if you added the About.com page to your favorites and/or followed me on Twitter. Thank you and go Braves!

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