Wren E-Mails Rizzo

Wren E-Mails Rizzo

Here at Walk-Off Walk, we have obtained these e-mail records from about 2:30 this afternoon as the Nationals were in the midst of falling behind 10-1 to the Tigers.

From: Frank Wren
Subject: Got a question about a player’s availability

Listen, I know this season hasn’t gone the way you guys wanted.  I really admire how much you have tried, but it’s time to accept facts. With that mind, we could use a starter in the wake of Tim Hudson‘s injury.  How about this guy you have… Jordan Zimmermann?  Seems like a nice righty arm.  I’ll take him off your hands so you can give Stephen Strasburg a mega-extension.  How about Kameron Loe?  I just designated him for assignment, but only because of a number crunch on the team.  Badly wanted to keep him.  Also, I’ll add Tyler Pastornicky.  Plucky, gritty guy with the will to win.  And you know what…I shouldn’t, but I’ll let you rip me off.  Matt Kimbrel.  Yes, that Matt Kimbrel.  Let’s get this done before the deadline.

From: Mike Rizzo
Subject: Re: Got a question about a player’s availability

Fuck you.

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