Twitter Feed: July 31

Twitter Feed: July 31

Last day before the non-waiver deadline.  Even if Atlanta doesn’t make a move today, I would be pretty surprised if a deal isn’t made in August, even if it comes on the 31st.

-Forgot to mention that Reed Johnson hit the DL yesterday.  The Braves announced the promotion of Todd Cunningham.  Before the callup, Cunningham was slashing his way to a .279/.357/.352 clip with a 101 RC+.  He did produce slightly better the previous season with the Mississippi Braves, OPSing .767 and a 116 RC+.  He’s a little cold right now, OPSing .535 over his last nine games.  Cunningham’s essentially the same guy he replaced on the roster, except he’s a switch-hitter.  He’s fairing better against lefties this year, much like Johnson.  However, since 2011, he’s hit righties better.

-From David O’Brien, B.J. Upton will begin his rehab assignment with Gwinnett today for at least three games.  Jordan Schafer hits the farm this weekend.  Hopefully, Upton stays at Gwinnett until he starts hitting or reaches his rehab limit (whichever comes soonest).

-Mark Bowman has this to add to the twittersphere: “Gerald Laird is here today, but it’s highly doubtful he’ll be available. He’s spent the past 4 days in pain, trying to pass a kidney stone.”  Well, that sucks.  Last year, I had a kidney stone and I acted like a kid dealing with pain that day.

-Adam Rubin of ESPN reported that the Braves affiliation this fall in the Arizona Fall League will be the Scottsdale Scorpions.

-Fun link from Stephen Shaw.  He has a picture from the last walk-off triple by the Braves.  Note who was the winner for the Braves.

-If you haven’t seen it, please, please – PLEASE – see this!!!!!  h/t to @keithlaw.  And major props for Chad Qualls for giving us this wonderful video.

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