Twitter Feed: July 30

Twitter Feed: July 30

Getting closer and closer to the deadline.  Everything you read on twitter about trade rumors should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt over the next few days.

-Ken Rosenthal tweeted something that sounded absurd.  For a second, I thought he was trolling us or his account had been hacked.  The Rangers apparently did their due diligence and came calling about Brian McCann.  Really?  Needless to say, the Braves didn’t seem all that interested.  For more, you can scroll down on his notes column.

-In a move that was pretty expected, the Braves DFA’d Kameron Loe according to Mark Bowman.  Loe only appeared in two games.  In the first one, his sinker wasn’t awful. In the second one, it was awful.  That’s all you need to know right now.

-One of the strangest parts of Brandon Beachy‘s return was that Paul Maholm was placed on the 15-day DL.  Maholm had been, I guess, twiddling his thumbs since July 20th, when he left the White Sox game with a wrist injury.  Since then, the Braves played short for…some reason.  Well, partly, it was because the Braves were going to place Maholm on the DL when Alex Wood was brought back to replace him in the staff.  However, Tim Hudson‘s injury forced Huddy to the DL first for Wood.  Crazy that Maholm wasn’t DL’d at some point, though.

-Rowland’s Office, a superb blog, tweeted about their newest column.  It is a wonderful look at the $160M contract that the Braves ultimately didn’t pay for everyone’s favorite ballplayer – Alex Gonzalez.  Remember to follow @RowlandsOffice.

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