The Best (and Worst) of June

The Best (and Worst) of June

Last year, after every month, I looked at some mostly useless monthly splits stats to give the best and worst awards for pitchers, position hitters, and a rookie of the month.  So, let’s get back at it. 

Rookie of the Month

Julio TeheranEvan Gattis‘s injury opened this one up a little easier for Teheran, but it’s difficult to believe Teheran wouldn’t have won it outright.  Teheran finished June with 10.3 K/9 and 1.1 BB/9 in five starts with a 2.71 FIP and a xFIP of 3.03.  Teheran has easily put last year’s struggles behind him and with Mike Minor, the Braves have a pair of cornerstones. 

Worst Position Player of the Month

Justin Upton – After his tremendous April, Upton struggled mightily in May and was awful in June.  He slashed just .226/.336/.280.  A 12.6 BB% does little to better how awful Upton was in June.  is ISO of .054 was only better than Andrelton Simmons and worse than Reed Johnson and Ramiro Pena.  Atlanta needs the younger Upton to hit closer to his April numbers soon if they are going to some damage in the fall.

Dishonerable Mention – Ramiro Pena (3 H in 23 PA), Andrelton Simmons (.225/.268/.267)

Worst Pitcher of the Month

Cory Gearrin – Typically, I don’t like giving this to relievers because one bad outing can warp your numbers.  However, even though he logged five innings, he seemed to be as ineffective as any pitcher the Braves have had all season.  He opened the month as a primary right-handed reliever, he ended as the rarely called-upon seventh guy, forced to watch as David Carpenter of all people got calls ahead of him.  Gearrin walked more people than he struck out and had an xFIP of 5.98.  He’s simply taking up a spot at this point.

Dishonerable MentionAnthony Varvaro (2.2 K/9, 5.71 xFIP), Paul Maholm (4.38 FIP)

Best Position Player of the Month

Jason Heyward – It took him some time, but Heyward is clicking.  He finished June with a .312/.370/495 slash and with his tremendous defense, that was enough to get over the 1 WAR bar for the month, finishing with 1.2 WAR.  His .375 wOBA led the team as well.  If Heyward can continue to put up months similar to June, people will forget his early season numbers. 

Honorable Mention B.J. Upton (.238/.359/.452), Dan Uggla (nearly 20 BB%, .202 ISO), Freddie Freeman (.291/.392/.466)

Best Pitcher of the Month

Julio Teheran – He gets this barely over the honorable mention chiefly based on his K/BB ridiculous rate.  He got some assistance from a 90.6 LOB%, but his numbers in five starts were tremedous.  Teheran does a great job at getting hitters to swing at his outside-the-zone stuff and after a troublesome start to his year, there is little doubt that Teheran belongs. 

Honorable MentionKris Medlen (2.52 FIP, 7.5 K/9)

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