Favorite Braves List

Favorite Braves List

One of the ideas I have been throwing around is to include a list of my favorite Braves and I will start today.  Do not expect a new one everyday.  In fact, it may be another week before I include a new member to my Favorite Braves list, if not longer.  I will add a navigation to the right to make the list stand out.  Some guidelines…

I admit that I was not a fan of the Braves from birth.  One, I was born in Virginia and two, the local minor league club was the Mets and then the Red Sox.  I really didn’t get into the Braves until 1991.  So, with that in mind, my list will start in 1991 to the present day.  No Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, Warren Spahn, or Eddie Matthews.  This isn’t a list for the Best Players in franchise history, but MY favorite Braves. 

There will be 15 positions.  Your eight regular starting spots, a four-men rotation, a right-handed reliever, a left-handed reliever, and a closer.  Over time, I may add to the list with other positions.  In addition, I won’t cheat to add guys.  Sure, Chipper played left field, but he was a third basemen.  Sure, John Smoltz was a tremendous closer, but he was a starter. 

The list is a work in progress.  A player can play his way onto it and push a guy off the list.  For instance, Freddie Freeman probably won’t be on the list right now, but he could conceivably push a player off the list.  Conversely, a player can be removed from the list, but it will take a Glavine-to-the-Mets type thing to make that happen. 

I hope this list is fun and provokes some responses.  And in a few hours, the first player will be added to the team. 

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