Hi. I’m new. Hug me?

Hi. I’m new. Hug me?

Welcome to…the new blog. I have done blogs before and really, the one time I did a good job of it was when I did Corkscrew Swings for over a year, though I fully admit that there were down times during that blogging experience. How can I stay on target and not fall into the wasteland of high hopes, low execution blogs that litter the blogosphere? I dunno.

No, really, I just want to provide an opinion that hopefully is different from the other solid bloggers out there. I’m going to start small. Series recaps with three-to-four other entries a week. In addition, my writing’s kind of gone to shit since I stopped being a college student so hopefully that will also be assisted with this blog.

Oh, there will be profanity. Come on, it’s blogspot. I’m not exactly a professional.

 But it would be cool to be paid for this. So, give me money. Anyway, go braves and hope you visit once a week to see if this blog is still alive.


Nice blog, and I've also attempted the blog thing before, only to fall into the same wasteland. It's difficult to stay on target, no doubt.

I sometimes wonder if having other authors to contribute would help; you hate looking at un-updated blogs, but between jobs, families, and life in general, it's quite a commitment for a single person to undertake. Like you, I've dreamed of getting paid for this. I have unique views and I can articulate myself pretty well (although I will admit I laughed out loud at your "my writing's kind of gone to shit since college" line, as it also hits my nail on the proverbial head).

I think you do a great job with what you do, and in no way would I want to stop you or even suggest that you stop blogging here. But if you ever had interest in starting a joint Braves blog with myself, let me know. I've discussed it with Ben from the FFG Facebook group (he and I are old friends, and he too has ventured into blogdom only to wind up in the wasteland), and he is interested in it as well. Having 3 generally like-minded contributors would be ideal for me.

If you're a lone wolf and prefer to remain so, I completely understand. And if you can make that work, then that's probably the way to go. Hell, if I could make that work, I'd do it too. But I can't. I've abandoned old blogs before due to computer problems and I've always regretted it. And trying to come back to them always seemed wrong, like I'd moved away from a girlfriend without notice and then, a year later, decided to call her and ask her out…

Anyway, one way or the other, whether it's here on your own or somewhere we put together together, or even both, I encourage you to keep writing, because your words are worth reading.

If you'd like to reach me, you know where to find me on Facebook, or you can email me, I think, via how I'm logged in to this comment section.

Go Braves!

– Brent Blackwell

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